5 wedding dresses that are perfect for a fall or winter wedding

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Wedding season falls on the summer months, but that does not mean that during the rest of the year such celebrations do not take place. So we suggest how to dress for a wedding in autumn and winter to feel comfortable and look great.

Wedding dress in fleshy material

The colder half of the year is not favourable for airy, light and thin evening dresses. Lower temperatures, wind and possible rainfall make it necessary to look for a creation, in which we will be comfortable, no matter how capricious the weather will be on that day.

It is best to look for creations a bit thicker and fleshier. What is more, it is also a good time to wear a brocade or sequin dress. By the way, we can use it later at the last party or New Year’s Eve.

Mini and midi dress instead of maxi dress

As we have already mentioned, the autumn and winter weather can be different. We have no influence neither on precipitation nor on possible snowdrifts. A maxi dress does not seem to be the right choice. If we splash or get its bottom wet, it will not look good. The most versatile models are those to mid-thigh or midi length. Asymmetrical dresses, with an original cut, will also work great.

This is also the ideal time to wear a creation with short sleeves, reaching to the elbow or one shoulder – covered or semi-transparent, lace. Then we do not have to worry that it will be too hot, as it might be in the summer.

Strong color welcome

In autumn and winter scenery powder dresses may look quite pale. You will definitely do better if you opt for a bold color – maroon, fuchsia, purple, red, brown, blue, navy, green or yellow. We can also try the mentioned sequins or glitter or decorations such as tassels (very fashionable, by the way), feathers, lace or three-dimensional applications.

Flared dress – a shot in the arm

Flared dresses are one of the most popular cuts, which gives the silhouette lightness and girlish charm. In autumn and winter, they can consist of several layers – smooth, pleated or with frills. They will definitely make a big impression on the other guests.

Skirt and blouse – the perfect duo

However, we do not always feel like wearing a dress to a wedding. An alternative is, for example, a flared midi skirt and a blouse, both in an elegant style. For example, a skirt in form-fitting taffeta with a plain blouse is an interesting choice. On the other hand, if we want a bit more freedom and ease, let’s bet on a tulle skirt. It will look equally stunning.

What kind of top and shoes should you wear with a dress in the fall and winter?

By the way, we suggest that each dress described above will be perfectly matched with a classic coat, tied with a belt at the waist or with a box cut. It is such a universal cut that you do not have to think twice about what to put on your shoulders.

However, when it comes to footwear, there are two options. Either you have on pumps all the time or you wear warmer shoes (for example, boots with heels) to the church, which will work even in the biggest frost or snow, and when you arrive to the wedding hall you change your shoes for the target ones – and that’s it. You can feast.

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