Notebooks and satchels – what do they look best with?

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A handbag is an indispensable element of every woman’s outfit. Both a postbag and a kidney bag can be a great addition to an outfit. But what will they look best with?

Women’s sachets

A purse is a bag on a long strap, often slung over the shoulder. Manufacturers offer leather, with decorative elements or in expressive colors. Thus, there are many options.

A properly composed styling with a purse can be used for many occasions. If you want to create an everyday outfit, you can choose almost any model of this bag. Jeans, simple T-shirt and sneakers will look great with classic black bag, as well as a more expressive one, for example red. The latter will give a slightly more predatory character to the styling.

Leather purses will look great with a jeans jacket or a black ramones. On the other hand, if you are looking for a bag that will ‘calm down’ the distinctiveness of styling, a grey version may be a good choice. Brown bags will look good with toned down colors, such as black, gray or white, but also with red.

Such a bag will also go well with a more elegant outfit. The classic little black dress will be perfectly matched with both simple in form, without decorations, and bags in strong colors.

It is important to match the color and style of the bag with the whole stylization. It should be an addition, which will emphasize the character of the outfit.


Sporty version of kidneys can be found in the closet of almost every activity lover. They are, above all, very functional. You can put them through your trouser belt, wear them on your hips, waist or shoulder. Sporty kidneys will go well with tracksuit suits, but not only. You can wear it with everyday outfits. Joggers and a fitted blouse combined with a pouch on the hips is another interesting proposition.

More and more often kidneys are chosen as an element of more elegant stylizations. They are available in various colors and in more elegant forms. The website offers models, among which it is easy to choose something suitable for every outfit.

The elegant version of the kidney bag is an ideal alternative to handbags. The smooth leather model will look great in classic combinations. You can wear it both with a coat and a jacket. Black total looks with kidney as an accessory look interesting as well. Lovers of animal prints should go for leather kidneys with snake print. They are sure to liven up any outfit.

Kidney bags can also go well with dresses. Both fitted and loose-fitting models look great with a sachet. Minimalist kidney bags work best here. Styles with dresses can be worn for many occasions, both less and more formal, for example to work, where smart casual style applies.

The shoulder bag, on the other hand, is the perfect accessory for more casual outfits. Even a plain T-shirt and jeans will look great with a colourful kidney. You can also opt for one with decorative elements. This will add character and elegance to your outfit. The most classic way to wear a kidney is around the waist. You can then treat it as a belt.

Wojewodzic online store offers a very wide selection of both postcases and kidneys. Surely everyone will find the perfect bag for themselves among them.

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