5 types of makeup that require little effort but look like an Instagram filter

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A large part of us, due to the pandemic and remote work, stopped painting ourselves regularly. Our makeup bags were covered by a layer of dust, and some cosmetics started to dry out. Most women long for the opportunity to dress up and show their perfect makeup to the whole world, especially as until now it was hard to see us without lipstick and mascara. Check out the type of make-up that will allow you to enjoy a great look in literally minutes

Spring is a great time to reap the power of make-up! We are ready to enhance our beauty again with stylish makeup. The truth is that makeup makes us feel strong, confident and easier to deal with the difficulties of everyday life. Learn some makeup tricks that will make you feel beautiful and attractive through very simple tricks. You may find that you look better in real life than on your InstaStories! Learn some inspirations that will make you want to reach into your makeup bag again

5 inspiring makeup looks that are guaranteed to have a WOW effect!

Go for the glow

A radiant complexion and a beautiful glow is something we all long for. It is worth reaching for a highlighter, even in your simple, everyday make-up. This product, although inconspicuous, can work real miracles. Apply a bit on your cheekbones and eyebrow arches and feel like a real star.

An innocent blush

It’s downright amazing how a little blush can dramatically improve the look of our complexion. Use a blush that has a creamy texture and you can easily apply it on your cheeks. Don’t forget to blend the product well to give your makeup a natural finish. A great idea is to paint your lips with a raspberry gloss

Perfect complexion

A good makeup base and a perfectly matched foundation can work real wonders. The complexion looks healthy and rested and you can easily cover up spots and redness. Add a bit of concealer under your eyes and you will look great in just a few minutes. Finish off the look with a subtle pink lipstick

A highlighted look

Very many girls don’t feel comfortable without applying black mascara to their lashes. When creating your quick and perfect makeup, bet on a strong eye highlight. Besides mascara, use a black pencil and a palette of matte shadows. Complete the effect by delicately outlining your eyebrows.

Seductive lips

Subtly highlighted but prominent lips make the whole makeup look more intense. A touch of bronzer, soft shadows on the eyelids and mascara will make your makeup look stunning, and you can do it with ease.

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