This method of face contouring has become a real hit online! Check out how it works

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Face contouring aims to slim the face and highlight the cheekbones. Current makeup trends go a step further. The right application of highlighter and bronzer can make the face look lifted, beautifully toned and lifted. This type of makeup will come in handy especially after a sleepless night, when the appearance of the face reveals that we are very tired. This trick is very simple and you can do it with basic cosmetics. Check out how to do an express face lift that went viral on TikTok!

Good daytime makeup should mask our imperfections and enhance our natural beauty. Sometimes there are days when more intervention is needed to bring our confidence back to normal levels. This is the perfect time to apply the latest trend in the beauty industry, a new way of contouring the face. By applying highlighter and bronzer on your face with the lines pointing upwards, you can get a really surprising effect. It’s so easy!

A new trend from TicTok that will make you look like you’ve had a facelift

Face contouring is a huge makeup trend that is being updated every month with new and surprising elements. This time, applying bronzer, highlighter and blush can make your face look like you’ve had an expensive facelift. Girls who have tested this type of makeup are shocked at the results they have obtained. At first, the product should be spread over the face, applying it in the form of symmetrical lines around the mouth and on the cheekbones. Always apply the bronzer in an upward motion. The next step is to apply a highlighting concealer in the areas that you want to emphasize. It will be the eyebrow arch, cheekbones or the back of the nose. Be sure to test this type of makeup on your face.


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