Wet and dry body brushing – which will work better for you?

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Do you want your skin to look great? Have you come across a new article about body brushing? There is already really a lot of information on this topic on the web. However, nowhere does it say what will work best for which skin. Which brushing to choose? Dry or wet? We give you a hint!

Benefits of body brushing

The first benefit of body brushing is the stimulation of blood circulation. Ingredients contained in cosmetics are better absorbed into our skin and work more intensively. This is an unquestionable advantage of a simple activity such as brushing. This makes the skin firmer and cellulite less visible. You also don’t have to worry about ingrown hairs or performing classic scrubs. These are just a few of the advantages we mention to convince you if you are still hesitant to start brushing at all!

Dry brushing

You can perform dry brushing in the morning and evening. This is the standard version of this procedure. The simple activity will give you a boost of positive energy on a good day, and in the evening it will soothe your nerves and relax you. So the choice is up to you. At first, brushing should be done every few days so that the skin gets used to the new care. The standard duration of a massage is about 5-10 minutes. Beginners should see the first results even when they perform brushing for only 3 minutes. 

The most important thing in brushing is to use long movements with the brush from the bottom to the top, in the direction of the heart. The abdomen should be massaged with circular motions. Hands, forearms and arms necessarily using long movements. We should not press the brush too hard against our skin. Beginners may feel minor discomfort by its hardness. However, over time the skin will get used to it. Greater pressure of the brush on the body can be used where the skin is thicker, for example, on the buttocks. The skin may be slightly pinkish after the treatment. 

Wet brushing

Wet brushing has many advantages, as does dry brushing. However, it is less spectacular than that performed dry. It is, however, a kind of alternative for women who have extremely sensitive, vascular skin. Often, even with careful and gentler wet brushing, all sorts of complications arise anyway. 

The danger in brushing sensitive skin is encountering varicose veins. If you have them then you should first see your doctor for a consultation. With wet brushing, water definitely reduces the roughness of the brush. The treatment is therefore less intense and less noticeable. Its effects are also unlikely to be seen as quickly as with a treatment without water. It is performed in the shower, preferably while taking a bath. We brush, starting from the feet and heading gradually upward. 


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