Laser hair removal – is it worth it?

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Laser depilation is a great convenience, especially for women who don’t like shaving with razors or wax or sugar paste depilation on a daily basis. Is it really a convenient and, above all, functional solution? See for yourself!

There are several issues you should be aware of before undergoing laser hair removal. You should make a decision about the procedure only after you are aware of them.

Laser hair removal is an almost painless procedure. The only thing you may feel during is gentle, warm stings. Their source is the laser reaching the hair follicle, where the papilla is vascularized and innervated. The complete absence of pain during laser hair removal means that the laser beam does not reach the papilla directly, which means that the hair has not been destroyed completely, but only partially, so it will not grow back for only the next two months. The intensity of pain during the procedure can be reduced, but this involves more visits to the beauty salon. The person performing the epilation adjusts the appropriate settings and parameters to the specific skin, hair and expectations of the woman in question. Thinner and lighter hair is removed much more easily, and in the case of thicker and black hair, one can opt – after consultation with the staff – for additional anesthesia.

The price of laser hair removal may seem quite high to some women. However, it should be remembered that this is a procedure whose effects we can enjoy for up to several months. However, special attention should be paid to the surprisingly low prices of beauty salons. They are not quite cost-effective, as the effect can be disappointing due to the use of inferior lasers. Cheaper models will not give the same effect as professional ones, even if you perform many treatments.

Laser hair removal will never permanently remove light hair. Very light, gray, blond or light red hair is not “seen” by the laser beam. Their hair follicles regenerate after about 2-3 months, so this is only a temporary effect. Women who have light hair should expect that there is no way they can permanently remove their hair.

When deciding on a laser hair removal treatment, it is important to remember that several repetitions are necessary. The first session guarantees the elimination of only 20-30 percent of hair, as it works on those that are in a state of active growth at any given time. Treatments should be performed at appropriate intervals so that the laser can catch hairs that are just entering a particular phase. Sensibly scheduled series guarantee smooth skin for a long time, especially compared to traditional razor shaving. Cycles of treatments should be repeated at least once a year. 

The unquestionable advantage of performing laser hair removal is the time savings. Women who opt for the procedure do not have to remember to shave every day, which is especially convenient especially during the summer season. 

The treatment gives a sense of confidence and comfort. Performing laser hair removal and long-lasting hair removal means that we do not have to worry about unexpected situations in which we will have to show unshaven legs. Spontaneous trips to the water or pool are then no problem at all.

main photo:Önder Örtel

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