You only need three handbag styles to be ready for any occasion

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A leather jacket, a little black dress, a pencil skirt – these are all undisputed classics of women’s closet, which will work for many outfits. The same goes for accessories. Although the latest fashion trends are tempting, it is worth betting on models, which you can take out from your closet for more than one occasion. Shopper, clutch and backpack – these three bags will make you ready for any occasion.

Shopper bag

Shoppers, whose name comes from the English shopper bag, are, contrary to appearances, bags not only for shopping. They are useful on all days when you need to take with you more than ladies’ walletthey are useful on days when you need to take more than lipstick, car keys and phone with you. They are perfect for going to the university or to work, when you would like to take your textbooks, notebook or laptop. What is the best, their capacity does not make them stop looking stylish. On the contrary. Large bags almost every season appear on the catwalks of the biggest fashion houses, because they really can not be denied the charm. Besides the capacity their biggest advantage is undoubtedly versatility. They look good together with jeans and t-shirt when you go shopping, but they also look good together with a pencil skirt, white shirt and stiletto heels when you have to follow the office dress code. In the summer they are even perfect as beach bags, because they can easily hold a towel, change of clothes and sunscreen

Clutch bag

Inconspicuous clutch bags can add a unique character to an evening outfit, at the same time still fulfilling their practical function. It is often the accessories that make an ordinary dress become an amazing creation, and when it comes to clutch bags, there are really many possibilities. The models available on the market are suitable not only for a traditional little black dress. The combination of a clutch bag on a chain with a woman’s suit will work not only for evening outings, but also for business meetings during the day. A suede bag will go well with a red dress, and lacquered models are not a symbol of kitsch at all! Remember that ladies handbag it does not have to be just an interesting accessory – it can play the main role in your styling, especially if you match it with shoes or a belt.

Ladies’ backpack

Just because you graduated from school a long time ago, doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort, which is guaranteed by ladies backpack. Every woman who values not only style but also functionality in her closet should decide to include it in her daily looks. You will find in it a place not only for your wallet, phone and necessary cosmetics, but also for a bottle of water, lunch for work or shopping you do on your way home. It is an interesting alternative to a handbag, which will work not only in casual outfits, but even in a set with a dress or a skirt. When buying a backpack, pay attention not only to its capacity, but also to the number of pockets. Depending on whether you intend to wear it every day, to work or maybe just for going out on the town, it is worth adjusting the purchase to your needs. A laptop compartment is a must when you want to take your backpack with you to the office or university, but for walks in the park, it is an unnecessary taking up of space. The same goes for the side bottle pocket. However, it is always good to pay attention to the presence of a small pocket so that you do not lose small items such as keys, documents or lipstick in your backpack.

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