Famous Levi 501 – how to style them?

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In your closet, if you are a fan of jeans, there are certainly the famous Levi 501! They are an undisputed legend and pop culture icon that completely changed the fashion world. The first model was produced almost one hundred and fifty years ago, and they are still loved by women all over the world!

The history and phenomenon of the legendary brand Levi’s in a nutshell

The first jeans were, interestingly enough, sewn for miners and workers. Today they are sold all over the world. Women have come to love the model.

16-year-old Oskar Löb Strauß, a Jew of German descent, came with his family to St.Louis, Missouri, in 1829. More than twenty years later, motivated by the California gold rush, he moved to San Francisco and founded his new company Levi Strauss & Co. Levi Strauss dreamed of growing his brand. So he embarked on the adventure of making clothes for smaller stores. In the meantime, he met a tailor from Nevada. Together they began to work on creating a model of pants that would not deteriorate even during hard physical work. 

A few years later, the idea of equipping the pockets with metal rivets came up. This solution was to prevent them from tearing. The partnership of Nevada tailor Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss began to work together. In 1893, they applied for a patent for the design. On May 20, 1873, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office assigned No. 139, 121 to the design of the pants, which later won the hearts of women and became an incredibly popular model.

From that moment on, jeans were already mass-produced. Before that, clothes were already being created using denim. What was unique about Levi’s was, above all, the metal reinforcements in the pockets and at the zipper. This was a trademark of Strauss and Davis. The durability of the pants made not only the workers enthusiastic about them.

The distinctive jeans produced by Strauss at first had a buttoned zipper and, in addition, one large back pocket and a small watch pocket. The zipper appeared over time, only in the 20th century. In the 1980s, Levi’s introduced serial numbers for each of its products. The iconic jeans became known as Levi’s 501 and are still associated under this name today.

Styling ideas

1. Opt for a totally denim look!

Totally denim look is sure to impress your close and distant friends! This is how people dressed in the 1990s, among others! It’s a great idea to combine a denim jacket and Levi’s 501! Such a duo will make a great impression both at work and at an evening meeting with friends!

2. Shirt and Levi’s 501! Try it yourself!

This is a fairly standard combination. Pants and a plain shirt may not arouse admiration, but you will definitely feel great in this combination. 

3. Spanish blouse and stilettos, or Levi’s 501 in an elegant edition!

This is quite a daring combination. Elegant, classic stilettos and a blouse that attracts the eyes of everyone around. If you are going on a date, think about styling in this climate! Your casual but elegant style is sure to be memorable to your partner!

4. Wear a T-shirt and sports shoes and you will create a unique sports set!

Attach to your Levi’s 501 sports shoes and wear a T-shirt. Here everything will be perfectly matched. A sporty look that will make you stand out from everyone around you guaranteed!

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