Sonic or electric toothbrush – which will work better?

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Do you want to give up your traditional toothbrush? Are you thinking about buying a new one to make your oral hygiene more effective, but you’re not quite sure which one to choose? There are electric and sonic toothbrushes on the market. See which one will work better for you!

Taking care of your oral hygiene and brushing your teeth is a basic activity that no one forgets on a daily basis. The most popular manual toothbrushes are now being replaced by high-tech, often much better models – electric or sonic. These types of toothbrushes perform a far greater number of cleansing movements, which consequently has a clear impact on the efficiency of brushing. Their advantage is that they have many features that contribute to better comfort, safety and quality of daily tooth brushing.

Electric toothbrushes are battery-powered. An internal mechanism generates the movements of the brush head and often its bristles. Models are divided into rotary, sonic and ultrasonic.

Electric toothbrushes are otherwise known as rotary. They are characterized by a round head, which, as the name suggests, performs rotational movements while brushing teeth. The bristles of the tip are set in motion mechanically and with great intensity, which makes the teeth cleaned much better than with a manual brush. 

The sonic toothbrush also belongs to the group of electric models, but it uses sound wave technology. In this case, the mechanism generates sound vibrations that set the bristles of the brush head into a characteristic “sweeping” motion. The frequency of vibration of sonic toothbrushes, as a rule, causes about thirty, forty thousand movements per minute. The extremely fast action of the toothbrush removes impurities accumulated on the plaque, which appear, among other things, due to drinking coffee, eating certain products or inadequate hygiene. Importantly, the vibrations cause millions of micro-bubbles to appear in the mouth, which successfully clean the least accessible areas.

The differences between an electric and sonic toothbrush lie primarily in the shape of the cleaning head, the brushing technique and the technology used. It is difficult to make a comparison as to which one will perform better on a daily basis without verifying the needs of its user. Therefore, the purchase decision should be made on an individual basis, and it is worthwhile to consult this decision with a dentist, who will professionally evaluate and advise on what will be the best choice.

Both toothbrushes have features that make brushing much more thorough and effective than with a manual toothbrush. Electric and sonic models often have additional features that, among other things, allow us to control the time of brushing our teeth, the amount of pressure, or allow us to keep statistics showing our hygiene through an app. These toothbrushes also have the ability to set modes of different power, making it possible for the user to adjust the intensity of cleaning to suit his needs.

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