This natural facial gadget will help you slow down the aging process of your skin!

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It is well known that many women are looking for an effective way to stop time. Although we are unlikely to ever succeed, we are constantly testing new anti-wrinkle cosmetics, undergoing rejuvenating treatments and even reaching for aesthetic medicine. Recently, a novelty that is great for stimulating the skin is to use natural brushes for intensive skin massage. Check out what facial skin brushing is and what its effects are

Dry body brushing has become a beauty hit, to which more and more people are convinced. However, so far the massage was given mainly to the buttocks, thighs or belly. It turns out that the hard bristles of the brush can also work superbly on the skin of our face. Manufacturers of care accessories and gadgets release special, hand-made brushes dedicated to taking care of the skin. One of the more frequently recommended brushes is the one from the brand Andrée Jardin, which is a small manufactory originating from France. It is made of natural material and its premise is inspired by ancient skincare

How to use a rough face brush?

Brushing your face with a hard bristle brush may not be the most pleasant skincare method, but it certainly has very satisfying results. It is certainly not a treatment for those with sensitive, inflammation-prone skin, which requires very gentle treatment anyway. The brush is applied to dry and cleansed skin, massaging the face with circular motions. The treatment can be performed once a day or several times a week

Advantages of using treatments with a brush with thick bristles:

  • scrubs the facial skin
  • exfoliates dead epidermis
  • stimulates skin circulation
  • firms
  • gives more elasticity
  • allows cosmetics to reach deeper into the skin
  • oxygenates the face

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