Diamonds on the face – make dazzling makeup effortlessly!

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Fashion in makeup is changing a lot. Women are getting bolder and bolder in their choice of colors, embellishments, as well as revisiting strong lip outlines and graphic lines, which have already emerged as a trend in the past. 

Not only are colorful, very bold make-ups fashionable, but also sparkle in the form of tiny crystals! How to do make-up with diamonds in the lead role?

Diamonds on the face, or go crazy with make-up!

Diamonds in make-up reign not only during festivals, but also in evening outings and even in everyday make-up. No wonder! They look beautiful, illuminate the face and make us highlight our assets in this way. Crystals can be placed in many places, see how to handle them.

The most popular makeup using diamonds is to place them on the upper lash line. You can do this in two ways. The first version involves arranging the tiny shiny dots in one size, very close together. On the other hand, for the second version, you should use ornaments in different sizes and arrange them all the way behind the lash line. You can make a colored or black line under them beforehand.

Of course, this is not the end of glitters on the eye. Another version involves the use of convex, small diamonds, which, after applying shadows, should be placed with tweezers over the crease of the upper eyelid, so that they form a slight arc. It is important that they are visible even when the eye is open. You can complement each of these make-ups with false eyelashes to make the whole look interesting.

We can not forget about the lower eyelid, either. Due to the fact that this area is much smaller, there is nothing to put too many diamonds on it. Therefore, one, but larger, is enough, which, slightly hidden under the eyelashes, will wonderfully bring out the natural glow from the eyes.

You can also place diamonds in various interesting colors in the corner of the eye, both inner and outer. Of course, in the inner one you can fit just one small sparkle. On the other hand, in the case of the outer one, you can go quite wild and bet on various fickle designs. Of course, their size depends on how much you dare to stand out from the crowd.

Sparkles can also decorate the eyebrows. The natural outline of the eye socket, combined with small diamonds that are evenly distributed along the entire length looks great. You can choose those of a particular color, which will work perfectly to emphasize the color of the eyes and even give expression to the whole makeup.

If this is not enough for you, bet on diamonds on the cheek. They look great both in a minimalist form, as well as in the one scattered in several places. You can also place them above the lips, where, combined with a strong lipstick, they look simply stunning!

In addition to makeup, diamonds can also be found on teeth and woven into hair. However, this is more of a festival look, which may prove too time-consuming on a daily basis. On the other hand, each of the makeup looks that have just been presented to you will be done in a matter of moments. Of course, it is worth checking beforehand whether sticking ornaments on your skin will not cause you an allergic reaction.

main photo: Bustillo

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