How to choose comfortable heeled sandals?

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Heeled sandals are the hit of the season. It’s no surprise, as they look great on your feet and go with so many outfits. But how do you find a model that not only looks great, but is comfortable enough to wear all day and even dance the night away?

Comfortable heeled sandals – what kind?

Even the most beautiful heeled shoes stop being attractive when they’re uncomfortable. Then we no longer look at them with flattering eyes, and wearing them often stops being possible. They cause not only discomfort, but also burns, abrasions or painful blisters. Heeled shoes are currently very fashionable, and they look great on the leg, whether you match them with a dress or pants. Therefore, many women suffer to be able to look beautiful. However, you can break that and start wearing shoes that are both visually appealing and comfortable!

Comfortable insole

The first thing to look for when buying heeled shoes is a comfortable insole. It is the foundation of comfort while walking. If it’s soft enough, but firm enough, it cushions the bumps in the road and your foot doesn’t get tired or feel the height of the heel.

The sole – flexible and non-slip

Another consideration is the sole of the shoe, which should be properly contoured. Thanks to this, it fits the leg perfectly and does not strain the toes or the heel. The body weight is distributed quite evenly, which affects not only the comfort of legs and feet, but also the spine. In addition, the shoe grips the foot and does not slip, even on a varnished floor. So you can dance until dawn, and even come home in these shoes after a long night at the wedding or a club.

Perfectly balanced, stable heel

You should also pay attention to the positioning of the heel. A model in which you feel the angle between your toes and heel is too sharp after putting it on should be shelved. A stable heel, even a very high one, will allow you to move comfortably and safely, and even more gracefully.

Platform in front

If you want very high stilettos but still want to keep your comfort, opt for a platform. Many manufacturers use this ‘trick’ to make the shoes more comfortable. In addition, the foot looks better. The platform also makes the heel height less noticeable. It is really worth having such shoes in your closet.

Durable and soft straps

The last thing is the straps. Heeled sandals usually have interesting, often even funky fastenings. Make sure they don’t dig into your skin and leave space even when fastened. In addition, it is worth it that they are flexible, soft and do not burn or irritate the skin.

With these shoes, you’re sure to surprise everyone with an interesting outfit and also provide yourself with top-notch comfort!

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