Do you know how you can wear boots and boots in summer to look super stylish?

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Even though boots and boots are rather associated with cold and rainy seasons, you can wear them in the summer too! Such stylish styles are very comfortable for your feet, and you will definitely stand out with your fashionable look

What boots to choose for the vacations?

The key to success is, first of all, the natural material from which the shoes are made. Soft leather or suede will allow your feet to breathe, so they won’t sweat. In order to go a little crazy on summer days, you can bet on openwork or fringed boots, referring to the boho style

Comfort first of all

What speaks for wearing boots and shoes all year round is comfort. Their stable heels are perfect for crossing city sidewalks. They are also invaluable for those who drive a car. And in rainy summer weather, they’ll become a styling essential

With a dress

In summer, both boots and boots will create a great styling with an airy dress. The combination of floral patterned fabric and light-colored shoes will make a great boho look. Remember that the shoes should be lighter than the dress – then they will not look heavy and will not disturb the proportions of the figure, while pastel shades of shoes will enliven the outfit and give it a holiday feel. This combination can be matched with a large bag and a fringed jacket. You may also try combining the boots with a white lace dress to create a more elegant outfit. A handbag will complete the look perfectly and will hold all the necessary small items

With a midi skirt

Just like with a dress, boots worn with a midi skirt will make an elegant, yet informal style. A flared skirt will add lightness and girlishness, while boots with delicate heels will optically slim your legs – wear shoes similar to your skin tone.

Match with a mini skirt

Summer boots can be also worn with mini skirts – if they are flesh-colored, they will optically lengthen legs. If you have a denim skirt, you may try to match it with open-toed boots, which are very trendy this season. Add glossy black top. Complete the outfit with a leather jacket and a small chain handbag. This way you will quickly create the perfect outfit for going to the club or concert. A more romantic, tulle mini can make an interesting combination with heavier boots. This way you will create a great look, based on the principle of contrast. Then add light T-shirt, shopper bag and dark glasses

With shorts

Booties are perfect for typical summer stylizations – with classic T-shirt and short jeans shorts. You can wear such a set for a walk in the woods or on the meadow. The backpack or kidney bag will hold all your walking essentials. You can also wear such a set on a summer evening barbecue

To long jeans

On colder days boots are irreplaceable. Apart from warmth and protection from rain, they will give your outfit a rock touch. If you choose pants with a narrow leg, you can tuck it into boots, exposing them completely. Wider bell-bottoms will allow you to completely cover your boots, which will also create an interesting and very fashionable look. Patchy pants combined with a T-shirt, leather jacket and boots is a truly rock style outfit

For the festival

If you are going to a music festival, boots are a must have! Delicate sandals or ballerinas may not pass the test. Massive boots of Dr Martens type will be much better. Festivals are all about freedom, and what counts is attracting attention. So don’t be afraid to wear heavy boots with cabaret dresses, leggings or mini skirts

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