The best fabrics for the summer heat

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Summer and hot days are the time when we should make some significant changes in our closet. The best way to dress according to the office dress code and not wear shorts and minis right away is to change the materials that our clothes are made of. Check out this list of the best fabrics that will help you look fabulous while keeping you ventilated

Long linen pants, silk shirts or cotton T-shirts will help you easily build a professional look for summer. They are also a great choice for your casual outfits during hot weather. Besides, wool, modal, lyocell and cupro are also worth having in your closet. Despite the fact that these fabrics are not very popular and you will not always find them in the stores, they are a great option for summer. You can buy some classic models so you will have some great outfits for next seasons as well

What fabrics work best when it’s 30 degrees on the thermometer?


One of the most popular materials for summer is natural linen, which provides fantastic ventilation and linen clothes are very stylish. A high level of hygroscopicity makes linen great for dealing with the moisture that settles on our bodies during hot weather. Linen not only cools our body, but also protects it from the sun’s rays


Natural cotton is a great material for summer, which is relatively cheap and the clothes made from it are very stylish. It’s great at wicking moisture away from the body, giving you a cool feeling, and it’s easier to maintain than crumpled linen


For some people choosing wool for summer is a controversial idea, but it is absolutely right. It is worth simply bet on wool with a loose weave, such as “cool wool”. Wool has thermoregulatory properties, so in summer it cools our body perfectly

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