Do you know how to be safe online?

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Online security is a very important issue. No one wants their personal information or information about them to be available to complete strangers who can use it and harm the person. Have you ever thought about your online behavior? Do you know how to be completely safe?

Consequences of not following the rules of safe Internet use

Have you ever wondered what can happen if you don’t use the web according to the safety rules? First of all, your personal information can get into the wrong hands. Their theft results in many unpleasant consequences, such as extortion of credit, making very expensive purchases on your account or simply setting up a fake business. All this leads to legal and financial problems that are extremely difficult to resolve. So it’s worth being aware of safe use of the net, so that you don’t worry about your future and generate unnecessary stress.

Rules for safe use of the network

Only a trusted network

When you log in to online banking or in general use accounts that require you to share your personal information, pay attention to the source of the network. An Internet connection at home is a good choice, because it is usually properly secured and used only by you and the household members. If you want to use a connection in another space, rely on cellular transmission. Never log into accounts with your data from a public WI-FI transmission.

Antivirus software

Antivirus software is a barrier that protects our devices from programs that damage them. The principle is simple – the larger the database of virus information in a given software, the faster and more effectively the antivirus will block malware. Paid programs are by far the best in possible crisis situations. Their features protect laptops, computers and phones from harmful viruses.

Suspicious e-mails

Never open e-mails of unknown origin. Often such e-mails contain links. These links redirect you to sites that may be the source of hacking attacks. If you want to be safe online, don’t allow yourself to make such mistakes. A common practice of online scammers is to impersonate well-known brands, from which we often receive messages because we are recipients of their newsletters. 

Keep your computer software up to date

Updating your software regularly helps keep you safe. We often put off updating the system of our equipment because it takes a lot of time and we can’t then use the device in question. However, this is a mistake. If you want to stay safe online, regular system updates are a must. Your computer or phone is then kept up to date with new security features.

Secure sites

The basic form of taking care of online safety is to visit only safe sites. Often sites have security certificates. If, without thinking, you agree to access a site to which a message about lack of security appears when you visit, you are at risk.

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