What do sports watches go with?

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Sports watches, as the name suggests, are mainly associated with physical activity – running, climbing or water sports. But are you sure you can wear this watch only then? See what to wear sports watches to always look fashionable and classy!

What characterizes a sports watch?

Above all, sports watches are distinguished from other watches by their great diversity. Design is not limited to black and white and gold or silver finish – sports watches have different, original colors, as well as unusual shapes and hands. This is undoubtedly an ideal proposal for fans of extravagance who like to experiment with fashion. The perfect proposal for such a watch will undoubtedly be the model garmin fenix, garmin venuor garmin instinct. Such a sports watch will not only look phenomenal, but will also impress with a wide range of functional amenities. These watches are made of durable yet very lightweight materials such as carbon, titanium, stainless steel or plastics. They are most often equipped with straps made of rubber, rubber or polyurethane. In addition, they boast of additional functions, as they are usually equipped with a cruise control, stopwatch, altimeter, pedometer and other amenities useful in sports and hiking. From sports watches also comes a model of watch commonly called “diver”, which is James Bond’s favorite timepiece.

What to wear a sports watch with?

Suggestions for him

Sport watch is an excellent proposition for men who do not like boredom. It will match mainly with typical sports stylizations: classic crop top or polo shirt and Bermudas. But is it the only one? Of course not! You can also wear it with everyday casual outfits. It will go perfectly with a white T-shirt and jeans or fabric pants, or even with an informal shirt, such as one with a colourful pattern. This watch will also work well with the so-called semi-elegant style, i.e. smart casual, where a full suit is replaced with a set consisting of a semi-formal jacket and pants without an edge. An interesting solution are also new smartbands on the market. They also have a typically sporty character and can be used as a watch. However, thanks to their simple black design and band, which can be easily changed (for example for a classic leather band), they will also work well with more formal outfits. They will go well with a striped or checked casual or sporty suit. With elegant outfits, however, it is worth remembering to apply the rule ‘the less the better’, so even if you decide on a more sporty watch, it should be discreet, elegant and of simple design.

Suggestions for her

Although sports watches are mainly unisex models, there will also be something typically feminine. They have a slightly softer design, thanks to a narrower strap and a smaller envelope. You can bet on an elegant sports watch, which by its simple and classic design will become a great addition to any style (even very formal), and at the same time will be equipped with all the amenities of watches for extreme sports. You can wear it with a suit, for example, or with a combination of an elegant sweater and fabric pants. However, it is worth remembering that the finish of the watch should match your jewelry and other accessories such as a handbag. A good choice is also a casual women’s sports watch that will also count your steps, pace, and stress and hydration levels, while still being easy to wear with less elegant, everyday outfits such as the timeless combination of a white oversized shirt and jeans. You can also choose from standard sports watches designed primarily for running, swimming or cycling.

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