What do jewelry stones actually symbolize?

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Since the time of ancient Rome, jewelry made of precious metals has aroused desire. What’s more, many people believe that stones have unique properties. So which one to choose to find the one that will help you find fulfillment?

Jewelry with beautiful stones is not only extremely ornate, but can also have magical talismanic properties. In ancient times it was reserved only for the elite, but today it is available to a wider audience. Stones are now attributed with a number of properties that affect our mood, health, provide energy, clear space and change many other aspects of our lives. It is important to know what gem has what power.

What stone has a cleansing effect?


Amethyst has a positive effect on our intuition. It is a beautiful, iridescent purple semi-precious stone. It is thought to protect against bad thoughts, depression, insincere intentions, revenge and anger. The color purple symbolizes power, dignity and good fortune.

It is ideal for people whose intuition doesn’t work properly and have trouble allowing it into everyday decisions. Additionally, it is connected to the crown chakra, which has a great effect on clearing the mind of unnecessary thoughts. Thus, it helps in brightening one’s outlook on the world. It also promotes abundance and prosperity. It transforms into work efficiency and helps in improving work performance


Purifying properties are attributed to diamond, which is the most precious stone. Diamond is actually the purest form of carbon, which is formed under high pressure and temperature in the earth’s interior. It is so hard that its surface can only be scratched by another diamond.

In addition to its cleansing properties, a diamond symbolizes fidelity, purity, and the durability of a relationship. For this reason, it is one of the most commonly chosen stones in engagement rings.

Which stones help with positive thinking?


This is a stone with a beautiful yellow color, hence its name. The stone has been associated with the sun for centuries, which is why it is a talisman that attracts positive vibrations that provide optimism and joy. Its role is to lift spirits and give strength

Wearing it favors positive results in exams, job interviews and overcoming other difficulties in life. In combination with gold or silver jewelry it is an effective protection against depression

Such jewelry attracts good thoughts, protects from making mistakes and is even seen to have positive effects on mental and physical health, especially in the lungs and circulatory system. That is why it is recommended to wear earrings, rings and other ornaments with this stone as often as possible.


An intensely red compact sedimentary rock which, due to its preciousness, has a positive effect on interpersonal relations. Jasper helps in easing conflicts, including internal ones. It has a highly calming effect and allows to calm thoughts. It helps to restore harmony in life. It is believed that wearing jasper guarantees good energy and an inflow of vitality


This green coloured stone is one of the varieties of jade. In Chinese culture it was believed to protect against charm, the “evil eye”. It is supposed to act as a shield against negative vibrations from the environment. Therefore, it is great in helping to calm down in stressful situations. It brings peace, balance and improves mood.

What stones stimulate action?


Opal is a stone whose color is difficult to define. That is why it is often called a “rainbow stone” because of its beautiful opalescence. Opal jewelry is loved by everyone who appreciates elegance and versatility. Opal perfectly harmonizes with almost any styling. It is a talisman which positively influences creativity, helps to sharpen intuition and achieve full happiness


An intense red stone which is very stimulating due to the fact that it draws on the energy of fire. Ruby is said to symbolise passion, passion and pleasure. In addition, it can inspire, stimulate creativity, and stimulate the search for happiness. Additionally, it works great for strengthening bonds between close people, so it is a great gift for lasting relationships

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