How not to overshadow the style with jewelry?

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The selection of jewelry for styling can be difficult. Even more so, if we want it to be only an addition, not the most eye-catching element. Do you want to know how to choose jewelry, so it will not overshadow your style? We suggest!

Jewelry should first of all expose your assets and add elegance. The perfect complement to every outfit, whether casual or more formal, will be delicate and subtle jewelry, which will emphasise style and personality. It is worth remembering that it should be an addition to an outfit, not the other way round.

Both silver and gold jewelry put on too much can look tacky and overwhelm styling. It is worth remembering that elements of jewelry, which look good separately, may not look so good together. So it is worth keeping moderation.

Gold jewelry

It is the easiest to overdo with gold jewelry, so it is worth to be exceptionally watchful. It is best to combine it with plain materials. For example, small gold earrings will look good with black or navy blue jacket. If the style is based on a patterned dress, it is better to resign from a chain or a necklace and limit jewelry to jewelry on hands. Gold ring will fit to almost every style. It will delicately emphasize its character without overshadowing it.

Silver jewelry

Silver looks good with almost every color but it will look best with cool colors of clothes, for example different shades of blue. Silver jewelry can be matched with any material of clothing, but the more ornate it is, the simpler the jewelry should be.

Dresses and blouses revealing neckline and décolletage are a perfect base for styling with a large silver necklace. Then, however, you should give up sumptuous earrings, because it will be too much jewelry too close to each other.

For every occasion

At work, where dress code is obligatory, as a rule we cannot afford too much jewelry. However, this rule should apply to outfits for other occasions, especially if they are expressive and colourful

What will work in every situation and with every outfit are small screw earrings, a celebratory chain, a delicate bracelet or a modest ring. A good jeweler will have all of these items in their offer.

Shiny jewelry

Here the rule definitely applies: the less, the better. If you wear a shiny ring, skip more finger ornaments, as well as bracelets, especially those that are just as shiny. The same goes for a necklace or earrings, which by themselves can be a perfect complement to your outfit, without being accompanied by too much other jewelry.

How to combine jewelry?

It is generally accepted, that we should not combine silver with gold, but with moderation it is possible. What is more, such solution can be really effective. However, it is important that metals have similar shade. So, if you decide on light shade of silver, use also gold of light color. This will help to keep the look consistent. Don’t risk, for example, with big silver earrings and big gold necklace.

To sum up, the most important rule when choosing jewelry is to match it with style. Remember that too much jewelry should not be too close to each other. If you wear several bracelets, give up rings, while if you opt for large earrings, dare to give up the neck adornment

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