How to get a more elegant updo with stylish clothespins or hair pins?

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Hair clips and hair ties are versatile and timeless accessories. They are suitable for everyday as well as for elegant hairstyles. You may like to know how to use them to create stylish updos

Hair clips and hair grips allow both long and short hair to be pinned up. In just a few steps, these timeless accessories add a touch of elegance to your look. Using a hair clamp is the simple, fast and effective way to create hairstyles not only for everyday use but also for bigger outings and occasions.

The comeback of hair clips

Hair buckles were popular mainly in the 1990s, but thanks to global fashion icons like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, they made a spectacular comeback this summer

Hair buckles go well with casual hairstyles but they are also a great accessory for big events. The elongated hair clasps are ideal for fixing all hair strands together so that the hair ends stick out from the top or bottom of the head. This creates a stylish, timeless and minimalistic look which complements any hairstyle. If you want to leave a few loose strands of hair on your shoulders or back, it is just as well to gather your hair above your ears and forehead and pin it in the middle back of your head. Alternatively, you may like to lift the gathered hair strands slightly for a lighter look or opt for a sleek look. Hair grips are good for your hair structure because they do not break or distort your hair like conventional rubber bands often do.

Hair clips

A hairpin allows you to pin up hair of any length. For short hair, you just need to clip in a decorative hairpin to make your look more elegant. These types of decorations can also be combined with ponytails, buns, and even braids for longer hair

Decorative hair clips can be used individually or combined as desired. To create an elegant hairstyle, simply pin a large hairpin above your ear or do it on both sides of your face. Alternatively, you may secure the hair closer to the parting or over the forehead to make the hair slide more visible. However, if big hairpins are not to your liking you can opt for several smaller ones placed side by side or crossed over each other. You don’t have to limit yourself to one type of pins worn at the same time – you can choose a mix of metal or wood elements combined with precious stones, pearls or flowers.

It is also worth remembering that this kind of cufflinks can be worn as jewelry and this trend is triumphing especially in wedding fashion. Brides forgo veils and wreaths in favor of hair accessories and adorn their open hair or use hair pins above or below their chignon/ponytail. When using hair pins or clips as jewelry, it is advisable to forgo other adornments such as long earrings.

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