How to take care of a nose piercing?

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Earrings in different parts of the body were, are and probably will be very popular. Nowadays people are fortunately aware that they need to take care of them. How to take care of the one located in the nose?

Earrings only in the ears? For many people it is “boring”. Piercing, or piercing of different parts of the body, has been very popular for years. Two holes in the ears is a classic, but the nose piercing is also very popular. In the past it was mainly associated with rebellious teenagers, now depending on the design it can even be an elegant accessory. But how to take care of it?

What you should know about nose piercing?

Nose piercing should not be done by yourself. It should be done by a qualified piercer, who deals with it professionally. Then we will be sure that everything was done correctly and the risk of complications or infections is negligible. The specialist pierces the septum of the nose, depending on its structure, makes a hole in the soft tissue or cartilage. It should be borne in mind that the procedure is not pleasant, is quite painful, so it is often done with the use of local anesthesia. 

How to take care of the nose piercing?

Once you have a pierced nose, you need to take great care of the wound, which is healing. This usually takes a maximum of 6 weeks. Initially, the nose may be slightly swollen, burning and painful. In some people, the wound also bleeds for quite a long time. This is why it is so important to take care of the hole. Certainly you should use agents that are used to disinfect wounds and have a bactericidal effect, such as Octenisept. The wound should be washed several times a day. It is also worth watching every day to see if everything is healing as it should, and if anything seems worrisome – see a doctor as soon as possible.

Also with the care, as it turns out, you can exaggerate. It should not be too intense, because then it can lead to the destruction of new skin cells, and this will cause even longer healing of the wound. You should go to a specialist first of all when the wound bleeds too long and when you notice that there is a strange secretion from it. 

After the nose piercing you must not move the earring, twist it, etc. This may seem difficult for many people, because there is a foreign body on their face. However, with time you will get used to it and you will not feel the earring at all.

During the first few weeks after having the nose jewelry installed it is not recommended to visit a swimming pool or use cosmetics, which have alcohol in their composition. It is also not advisable to wear makeup in the area of the piercing, which for many ladies may prove to be quite a problem. If you have a runny nose, you should use very soft tissues and blow your nose slightly so as not to irritate the wound. 

In order to stimulate the regeneration of the epidermis it is also worth reaching for ointments or creams from a pharmacy, such as Octenicare. These types of products protect the wound, act antiseptically, and also soothe the resulting irritation.

When choosing a nose ring, it is best to choose the one that does not contain nickel, because such jewelry is much more likely to cause allergy. The safest will be the one made of titanium.

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