How to wear tights in spring to look cool?

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Women have long enjoyed wearing tights in a variety of ways. By far the most common way is to wear them in autumn and winter to protect against the cold. But is it possible to wear tights with class also in spring? How to make them look fashionable and stylish?

A difficult fashion topic to figure out, ill-fitting tights can affect the look of an entire outfit. However, more and more they are starting to stun and gain more fans. They are also becoming one of the more attractive pieces of clothing. Hypnotic, sensual, with stunning patterns – tights can add glamour and style

Who wears tights?

The French have known how to do it for years. By following their lead, you’ll always look stylish

With the arrival of spring, put away the thick tights, opting instead for thinner ones. It’s important that they’re appropriate for the weather.

You’re sure to find tights that charm you at first sight, as more and more varieties appear on the market – the well-known plain variants, but also lacy or openwork ones. More and more often, also in the patterned version, in a subtle or more daring edition. Thanks to such a wide choice tights are worn by more and more women. They are also willing to choose the variants with patterns, which are definitely no longer reserved only for girls.

What to combine tights with?

Many times, with the arrival of a new season, we refresh our closets, finding old, unworn clothes. In the season of spring-summer 2021 additionally men’s closet will come in handy! Why go Tights go great with oversized styles.

A denim dress made from a voluminous jacket looks phenomenal. Best when paired with sneakers or pumps. You can also wear coloured tights with, for example, a larger sweater and a denim skirt. They also look great with a man’s shirt tied around the waist. Tights look really stunning when mixed with different fabrics. Such ambiguous combinations will appeal to everyone. Apart from a whole range of colors, tights also come in different patterns, even openwork ones. In this edition, plain white tights become very impressive and are not associated only with communion. You can combine them with dresses, skirts, but also with shorts! Surprised? More and more fashion bloggers for the upcoming season propose this combination. We are definitely in favour!

Which tights to choose for your outfit?

Tights are the undisputed hit of the upcoming season. This is evidenced by the fact that they appear on the catwalks of top fashion designers and do not leave the lips of influencers. Undoubtedly, they will be the biggest trend in the upcoming spring-summer 2021 season, so it is worth completing your closet with them

The Italian brand Calzedonia, famous for its extremely beautiful tights, presented them on the catwalk with a zodiac sign motif, which is one of the current hot prints. Such a model is a dream of many girls. They are perfect as the main element of an outfit combined with an oversized jacket, for example. Exposed in this way they look very elegant and stylish!

In proposals of fashionable hairstyles they also appear in looser and more sporty editions, for example with sports sneakers and long socks made of white terry cloth. You have to admit that this is a real 90s vibe and they look really great with a baseball cap!

It used to seem that tights should only be worn as a complement to a dress. They were meant to cover the legs or protect them from the cold. Exposing them was considered a kind of faux-pas. But now things are changing and the most daring styles often become fashion hits! So play with colors and textures and don’t be afraid to wear them in ways you wouldn’t have worn them in the past. Experiment with patterns and put the accent on tights, let them catch the eye of others

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