Here are shoe models that are really worth investing in

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Every shoe lover will surely admit that there are never enough shoes. What if we want to keep our closet minimalistic and focus on only the most necessary models, which will suit many occasions and serve us for many years? Check what shoes are worth buying to be fashionable and comfortable!

  1. Slippers

Originally they were created as shoes for horse riding. Ergonomic shaping of shoes was to provide comfort to the foot while riding and keep the foot in the stirrups. Thanks to their comfort, they became famous not only among sportsmen. There are many variations on their theme: on the market you can find both elegant and timeless slippers as well as more rock style ones with studs and chains. Classic slippers go perfectly with pants, e.g. jeans. They look best when combined with a narrow leg, which you can let inside the shoe

  1. Trappers

Trappers are perfect for autumn and winter season. They can be worn with casual stylizations. They look good with oversize clothes, but they can also be worn with dresses or skirts. The most famous trappers, designed by the brand Timberland, are mustard-colored, but recently in stores appeared a rash of models in pastel shades, which look very stylish and feminine

  1. Wellingtons and snow boots

Depending on the weather outside the window, it is worth getting shoes adapted to the weather. In rainy autumn, wellingtons will certainly come in handy. Rain boots have undergone a real fashion revolution and today you can create an extremely stylish look with them. A great example are, for example, knee-high boots type Hunter. This model was once worn by world-famous stars, proving that they go with almost everything. However, snow boots protect us from the cold and wet feet in winter. They can be successfully worn with both casual and more formal outfits

  1. Over-the-knee boots

Over-the-knee boots will not only keep your feet warm during autumn and winter days, but also add a distinctive spice to your outfit. They can be worn with tights, jeans, skirts and dresses. However, avoid pairing this kind of shoes with tight skirts and dresses to avoid a kitsch effect

  1. Stilettos

Classic black stilettos are a must have in every woman’s closet. There is no better solution for an evening out than a pair of comfortable and timeless stilettos. Even if you’re not a fan of high-heeled shoes, it’s worth having at least one pair of stilettos in your closet. The reason is simple – you never know when you’ll need them. Finding the perfect pair can take some time – it’s worth paying attention to choosing the right heel height so you feel one hundred percent comfortable. Opt for neutral colors, such as beige and black. This way, you can wear your stilettos with practically anything at any time of the year

  1. Sporty shoes

Just like slippers, sport shoes are no longer associated only with sports. Today we can even match them with skirts, dresses and woolen coats. Nowadays, there are plenty of styles and colors to choose from, so everyone is sure to find the right pair for themselves. Sports shoes are extremely comfortable, so you will easily run all your important errands in them, looking extremely stylish and even elegant at the same time

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