Positioning of second hand stores – can it be done?

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Positioning is a series of processes aimed at significantly increasing the visibility of a given website in a chosen search engine, e.g. Google. Fresh websites from the very beginning land on the last pages of SERP (Search Engine Results Page), therefore they do not generate any traffic, let alone conversion, which is the goal of every company operating online. Positioning is about completely changing this state of affairs, and thus also increasing the profits resulting from doing business online. This process is particularly technically advanced, complicated and impossible to carry out without sufficiently large knowledge and experience in this industry. This experience and knowledge is shared by SEO agencies who have built their client bases over the years by earning trust through effective SEO services. SEO is practically at your fingertips today: SEO in Chicago? Of course. How about a New Orleans SEO agency? You’ll find one too! Whether in Seattle or Louisville SEO is what you need.  Many budding entrepreneurs try it on their own, but rarely with positive results. 

Basic principles of positioning

SEO is all about meeting the requirements set by Google. The giant from Mountain View uses its own algorithm to evaluate individual websites, which after collecting all data about them gives them a ranking and thus a position in the ranking under selected keywords. The main goal of positioning is to meet all requirements of the algorithm in an error-free and complete manner. We’ve spoken with the New Orleans SEO agency and Louisville SEO agency as well and they have agreed, this is the most difficult part of it The basic steps of positioning include:

  • SEO audit. As part of the audit, an SEO interactive agency or a freelancer assesses the condition of the selected website in terms of positioning. The evaluation includes its performance, the presence of keywords or competitors’ actions and many other steps, which in total (depending on a particular company) may be even several hundred.
  • On-site actions. This step is basically the most important, but also the most time-consuming one, as it consists in introducing all changes to the website indicated by the previously conducted SEO audit.
  • Off-site activities, which usually include only building a wide enough base of links leading to the positioned website. It is worth caring about their quality, not quantity. Backlinks should be placed only on trustworthy websites.

Only by fulfilling all these assumptions and individual steps can you guarantee optimal results. But don’t forget about the many pitfalls.

Positioning without risk? It’s possible

For example, may it be possible to proceed SEO in Chicago without any risk? As we know, positioning should not be risky. Incorrect execution of individual steps may lead to, among other things, a significant drop in the position of the website in comparison to others, which nullifies any advantages of the actions taken so far. One of the biggest problems in case of particularly large violations is the exclusion of a website from SERP. This means the complete absence of the site from Google. The answer is not solid, because it can be and at the same time doesn’t have to…For this reason, it is worthwhile to carry out positioning using the best SEO tools and use the services of real specialists only, nevermind if it’s about SEO in Chicago or San Antonio.

Google algorithm pays attention to even the smallest details

Google’s algorithm does not make any compromises and treats every website equally, regardless of its size, industry or popularity. The algorithm pays attention primarily to key phrases, which should be perfectly matched to the profile of the site’s activity and the content of one particular subpage. Thanks to this, a potentially interested client will stay on it for longer and will want, at least in theory, to purchase a product or service on it.

Louisville SEO specialist says – the key phrase “men’s shoes” is in most cases completely worthless and does not give positive results. The main reason for that is the fact that on the chosen subpage will enter both the client interested in buying sports shoes and elegant, winter or summer ones – rarely will it be visited by someone who is looking for this particular type of shoes. Instead, it is worth suggesting a key phrase that precisely describes the content, e.g. “nike air max mens sports shoes”. This way, only people who are interested in that particular type of shoes will be attracted to our site.

Positioning of second-hand stores and online stores – differences in actions

What does the cost of positioning depend on – we’ve asked New Orleans SEO agency market analytic. 

– First of all it depends on the scope of work and its type. Nationwide positioning is dedicated to online store owners who sell their goods online by mail order or in person and this is their main principle of operation. Usually such companies have their own store or portfolio, which they want to promote and increase the range.

Local positioning is different, designed for entrepreneurs who rely on direct sales in stationary points. The actions are to lead to the appearance of the site in Google only in phrases connecting the branch of activity with the region, such as city or province or on Google maps.

No matter what, positioning always pays off, but the effect of these actions depends mainly on the company itself. It is worth choosing a company operating in the SEO industry for many years, which employs teams of specialists, consisting of programmers and copywriters or positioners.

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  • Billy Russo 12.08.2022

    I agree that “Google’s algorithm does not make any compromises and treats every website equally, regardless of its size, industry or popularity”, but we must remember that this does not mean that every page should be positioned in the same way. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Positioning of larger websites is based on different principles than local SEO. The main difference is the keywords. When positioning local business, you should use longer phrases which contain the name of your city or region. Thanks to this, you will reach the group of clients living in your area and achieve your sales goals.

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