The recipe for more hair volume in a few easy steps

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People with thin hair use various methods to create more volume. With more volume the hairstyle takes on a more interesting shape, making the whole look more appealing. Experts in hairdressing have researched the subject and come up with some solutions to make hair thicker. For best results, you need a proper haircut and well-tried styling products. Here is how to get more hair volume by following the advice of professionals

How do I easily add volume to my hair?

The issue of hair density is often a matter of genetics, which is beyond our control. There are, however, a number of procedures, tricks, and styling tricks, which can help even the most thin or damaged hair look healthy. In addition to visiting a good hairdresser and buying good styling products, check out these home methods that can positively affect volume

  1. A masterful cut. Properly cut hair can work wonders when it comes to the visual impression of our hairstyle. Experts advise choosing asymmetrical cuts to give your hairstyle an interesting boost and volume. A classic bob with longer strands of hair left in front is a great idea
  2. Experiments with bangs. Another tip from our hairdressers is to go for the fringe, which makes your hair thicker and gives the impression of a lush, vibrant hairstyle
  3. Creatine Conditioners. When choosing a hair mask or conditioner you should look for nourishing proteins in the ingredients. The hair will not only be smoother and softer to the touch but its volume will also improve
  4. Start your oiling adventure. Oiling your hair with natural oils can help regenerate and strengthen your strands

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