5 models of handbags that will never go out of fashion

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The right handbag is sacred for girls who love fashion and have their own specific style. Over the years, several models have become real hits that will complement our look perfectly

It is worth to invest in handbags that will serve us for years and such will certainly be universal and timeless models. Every season the designers propose new, often very innovative solutions, and the aesthetics of bags also undergoes transformations. However, many women are faithful to classics, that’s why they bet on popular among fashionistas and stars it-bags. These are the most popular handbag styles. Check which handbags will always be famous in fashion industry

For sure it is worth to have in your closet a baguette type handbag, which was adored by Carrie Bradshaw. Among the iconic models of handbags, an important place is also occupied by a simple clutch bag, which will prove to be an addition to every elegant stylization.

Moreover, we cannot forget about hobo bags, flap bags promoted by fashion house Chanel or practical envelope bags. Buying one of these bags is a great investment, thanks to which you will not have to search for a new model every season. It is worth reminding that a woman’s handbag is a sensational addition to every stylization, which also has many practical aspects.

A perfect handbag should be tailored to you and your style. If you are hesitating which handbag to buy, we have prepared a small hint. Read carefully, what are the advantages of owning a baguette or a bagger and make the right decision, which you will be fully satisfied with

5 iconic handbags that will perfectly complement your look

  1. Baguette

Do you remember all those outrageous hairstyles from “Sex in the City”? Many of them were completed with a small, subtle handbag that Carrie carried under her arm, the so-called baguette. The baguette bag was a hit in the 90s, but it was also one of the most popular choices among women later on. Certainly its advantage is the fact that despite its small size it can hold the most necessary items and at the same time you can comfortably hang it on your shoulder

  1. Hobo bag

Another model that conquers Instagram is hobo bag, which is a practical and capacious bag with a great design. This cut gained popularity thanks to the fashion house Bottega Veneta, which creates beautiful and very photogenic things

Hobo bag became a phenomenon because it is a very light model and thanks to its round shape, it fits perfectly under the shoulder. Another advantage is a long and wide strap, which makes it possible to put more than usual into the bag. It is an ideal proposal for people who like to have “the whole house” with them, so they carry their laptop, make-up bag and gym outfit in the bag. The hobo bag perfectly fits into the XXL handbag trend.

  1. Clutch Bag

The clutch bag is the queen among accessories that we choose for parties and more formal events. It is the first choice for wedding dresses or official banquets. The small size of the bag makes it not super capacious, but it can easily fit all the personal items we need. The stylish form perfectly emphasizes the chosen styling, being an interesting addition.

  1. Flap bag

Flap bag is a model that we associate mainly with Chanel, although bags inspired by this cut can also be found in chain stores. It is a small bag, which has been loved by women all over the world, thanks to which it has become a cult product. A small model on a longer strap allows to wear it in different ways and match it with different stylizations. Buying the original is quite an expense, but it is worth looking for handbags from Chanel, for example, in vintage shops.

  1. Trunk

A classic among handbags are those in the shape of trunks, which can serve as a perfect handbag to work or to the university. Thanks to its angular form the bag has an elegant character, but it can be also combined with more casual outfits. Smaller trunks will be fantastic additions to evening outfits.

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