Blush is the hot trend of the season – here’s how to get the look you want

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Make-up trends change a lot. This is true not only for your eyes, lips and eyebrows but also for your complexion. Nowadays, more and more attention is paid to the appearance of the skin. It is important to keep it hydrated, smooth and fresh. For healthy-looking skin, it is best to use blush, which is very popular at the moment. How do I use strong blush tones in practice?

How do I use a strong blush?

At first glance, strong blush may seem uncontrollable. But don’t be mistaken, you just need to know how to approach it. Strong blush shades are those that give a wow effect when applied to the skin. You can turn this into something good. All you have to do is arm yourself with the right brush, which is shaped to create the perfect pattern on your cheek.

So let’s start with the colors. If you have a very light complexion, practically any blush will look strong on you. Then you can play around with different colors. Did you know that blush can give your complexion an optical lift? Simply apply blush almost under your eye, from about halfway up your eyelid and then pull it in toward your temples. This gives your entire face a noticeable lift and makes it look fresh and youthful. The effect may completely surprise you, especially if you combine it with a highlighter.

Of course, that’s not all blush has to offer. You can also use it on the back of your nose to make it look smaller and more sun-kissed. This effect adds charm and a girlish glow and is reminiscent of the sunniest time of the year, which is of course summer. It looks great when combined with freckles, even painted ones. Then the complexion looks like that of a teenager. Of course, don’t forget to smooth and apply a sunscreen with SPF. But don’t overdo it with the amount of product so you don’t get the opposite result!

You can also use blush to lift and highlight your cheekbones. This keeps your complexion fresh and your blush extra natural. Apply it to the top of your cheekbone, but don’t forget to spread it thoroughly so it doesn’t look like an unsightly stain. You can also use cream blush for a very natural, fresh effect. You can even go for a very trendy wet look. Covering your cheeks with highlighter, which gives a mirror effect, will go great with this look.

Blush can also be used as a substitute for eye shadow and colouring lipstick. Just apply it, preferably with your finger, on the outer corner of your eye and gently pat it in. On the lips where you have applied your lipstick, apply blush starting from the center of your lips and then spreading it to the sides. Then tap and blend the blush so that the lip line is not visible.

Blush, especially in strong colors, is a great solution for every woman. It refreshes your complexion and makes it look healthier and even slightly sun-kissed. But remember to keep it in moderation and test the effect in daylight before you go out.

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