How to match the bouquet to the wedding dress? We suggest!

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The bridal bouquet is almost as important an element of a bride’s style as her dress. A beautiful bunch of flowers will be remembered by the guests for a long time, and you will feel even more special thanks to it. It is important for the bouquet to match the style of the wedding and the wedding dress. What to pay special attention to? Check it out!

A word of introduction

Long, long ago bouquets of fresh herbs were used as wedding bouquets. They were to symbolize the new life of the couple together. The revolution came with the wedding of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxony, where the bride held a bouquet of fresh flowers in her hands. Each individual flower in the bouquet had its own significance. Today, we have moved away from such rich symbolism, and the wedding bouquet has only a decorative function. Florists have already made many types of bouquets, varying in shape and flowers used. When choosing your dream bouquet, it is worth matching it with the wedding dress. We should follow the golden rule: the more spectacular the dress, the smaller and more discreet the bouquet should be and vice versa

Semi-circular bouquet

The most popular bouquet model. Most brides decide on it. It has a half-round, almost spherical shape. Usually it is rather small- its diameter is from 20 to 30 cm. Its size should be adjusted to the bride’s height – taller brides can opt for a bigger bouquet. Such a bouquet will go best with a dress with a modest bodice and a decorated, wide skirt

Eco bouquet

This is a solution for women who want to live in harmony with nature, and also for those who do not want to spend too much money on a wedding bouquet. Although it is an economical solution, it makes a stunning impression. A single branch of, for example, hydrangea can be used as a simple yet elegant bouquet. This solution will be perfect for brides wearing a dress in boho and hippie style.

Asymmetrical bouquet

The latest shout of wedding fashion. The main advantage of an asymmetric bouquet is complete freedom: flowers can be of different sizes and lengths and arranged in any shape. In order for such a bouquet not to lose its charm, it is best to choose it for a simple, uniform dress with a possible addition of lace

Pomander bouquet

Pomander is a bouquet resembling a ball of flowers. It is created by properly arranging the stems. The bride can hold the decorative ribbon in her hand or wrap it around her wrist – the bouquet will then hang from her hand, which is certainly a very convenient solution during the ceremony. Such a bouquet will be perfect for retro-style dresses.


Bouquets can be seen on American movies. Selected flowers are tied with a beautiful ribbon of antique lace. Additionally, they are usually decorated with a magnificent brooch. They are extremely versatile and will match practically every wedding dress


In this type of bouquet, long stems of flowers and leaves are arranged as if the bride were presenting them to her guests. Although it does not look very comfortable to hold, it is very comfortable. This stunning and exclusive bouquet will work well with classic wedding dresses. This season you can’t go past this bouquet indifferently – an absolute must have for every bride!


Bouquet of this type will look best in hands of tall brides. It is associated with bouquets from the old days, composed with long veils and train. However, the cascade is not outdated in any way – today it comes back to grace in a slightly changed and modernized edition and wins the hearts of many brides!

Bouquet with long stems

The bouquet is similar to the bouquet, but the flower stems are definitely longer. Anemones, lilies, ferns, clematis, buttercups, eucalyptus, roses, and tulips work great. As with the cascade, tall brides look best with it. A bouquet with long stems will be the perfect complement to a classic wedding dress.

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