Hair scarf – how to create the most fashionable updos

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The scarf in your hair is the hit of the season. They give every updo a girlish charm. How do you do it? It is not difficult at all!

Spring is on its way, and with it comes colorful clothes, dresses, skirts, handbags, and fancy updos. Hairstyles with scarves are a big hit this year. Colorful, flowery fabrics in the hair make every woman look young and radiant! Some women think that attaching a scarf by themselves is complicated. As it turns out, it is not, especially since there are so many possibilities!

The ponytail with a scarf is a real hit!

This summer’s most popular style is the ponytail with a scarf. It’s done in the same way as a ponytail. Simply tie a ponytail on top of your head and then tie it up with a scarf (you can use an elastic band first and then a scarf for added hold). The knot can be tied above or below the ponytail to suit your taste. Ladies who want to look younger can tie the scarf in a bow for a more girly look.

For parties and outings with friends it may be a good idea to give your ponytail a little twist with a curling iron. Don’t use the curling iron for curls, which are no longer fashionable, but rather for soft waves. This gives your hair more volume and the whole look more attractive. 

 A scarf instead of a headband

If you like to wear your hair open but still want to intertwine a scarf, you can use it as an Alice band. The knot is tied underneath the hair or over the forehead. The scarf may or may not be placed lightly on the forehead. This hairstyle has the advantage that it is quick to do and the hair does not interfere with your activities. And we must admit that the scarf is a much more interesting solution than the traditional headband and undoubtedly more convenient.

The braid with a scarf

An interesting idea is also to make a braid, where one strand is replaced by a scarf. This braid is also thicker and undoubtedly more interesting. In this case, a scarf is fastened at the top of the hair with a bobby pin, a strand of hair is then divided into two and braided. An easier way is to make a ponytail, attach a scarf to the elastic and braid with it. 

 How about a chignon with a scarf?

You may also like to accessorize your chignon with a scarf. This hairstyle looks great in the summer. Simply create the chignon, secure it with bobby pins and tie a scarf underneath. Alternatively, you may decide to use the scarf as a bow and pin it to the side. 

If you prefer a nonchalant romantic hairstyle, do a ponytail and twist your hair around the ponytail band. Then secure the ponytail underneath with a scarf and pull out a few strands of hair to create what you call an artistic mess. This hairstyle is definitely perfect for summer evenings and get-togethers!

 A small ponytail on open hair

A cool idea is to gather the top section of your hair and make a ponytail, tying it up with a scarf instead of an elastic band. Leave the rest of your hair down, but use a little twist to give it more volume.

As you can see, all these hairstyles are very easy to create and the end result is gorgeous!

main photo: mosayebzadehHire

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