The power of minerals – which stones are good to bet on in jewelry?

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Jewelry can have unique properties. In addition to aesthetic considerations, properly selected stones have a huge impact on us! See for yourself!

Precious stones and metals have health properties. Their miraculous power has long been recognized by astrologers and biophysicists. Discover the incredible power of beneficial effects of stones on you and your whole life! Choose the mineral you need most and see a real change.


Mountain crystal is a stone that has been considered magical since ancient times. It was once believed to be frozen ice that never melts. Interestingly, it is not a precious stone, but its impact is appreciated by many people.

First of all, rock crystal should be chosen by people who want to improve their concentration and take care of their mental hygiene. Placed next to an electronic device, it will support the treatment of the kidneys or liver. It will also be ideal for people with recurrent migraines. This stone supports our metabolism, so with it we will certainly find it easier to lose weight or simply maintain our current weight. 


Otherwise known as the stone of life and jantar. In ancient times, the life-giving energy emanating from this stone was believed. It is popular in Polish folk medicine. The properties of yantar are mainly its effect on rheumatic pains, eye or throat diseases. 

Advocates of natural medicine recommend wearing pendants with amber for all kinds of heart disease. Smokers sometimes support themselves with the stone when recovering from addiction. In addition to its health properties, the stone looks extremely elegant as a subtle addition in any jewelry.


Diamond ash, according to Indian healers, is great for treating acne, diabetes, anemia and tuberculosis. When used prophylactically, it was said to be a guarantee of long life. The body of a person who wears diamond jewelry is believed to be healthy, strong and capable of above-average activity. The complexion should be flawless. Diamonds are used in the treatment of cancer. The stone can also act beneficially in spinal disorders. Diamond is said to improve concentration, prevent strokes and support autistics.


Esotericism points to the extraordinary properties of agate. According to astrologers, it protects all energy centers in our body. It restores balance in every area of human life: intellectual, physical and emotional. This stone supports our spiritual development. It helps to get rid of anger and urges us to start all over again. Agate supports concentration and analytical abilities. It directs lost people to the right path, so that they eventually reach their destination.


It gets its name from its luster, which resembles the shine of the moon. Moonstone supports the body’s immunity and cleansing of lymph nodes. This unique mineral will work fantastically as a remedy for female ailments related to puberty or menopause, but also for hormonal disorders. In addition, it has a calming effect. It enhances tenderness, sensitivity. It is a stone intensely affecting our emotions. It brings peace and balance to life. It removes fears and phobias from the soul. 

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