Gua Sha tile – do you know what this term stands for and why you should invest in this item?

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Gua Sha plates are beauty gadgets that are extremely popular among followers of natural facial care. What benefits do the plates offer for the skin and what are they made of? Let’s check it out!

What is a Gua Sha plate?

Before we present the advantages of using a Gua Sha plate, it is worth explaining what this accessory actually is. It is a small tile made of natural stone – jade. It has rounded sides and is flat (its shape resembles a heart or the letter V, although we can find various models on the market). The Gua Sha stone tile is well known in Asia. Jade has been highly valued in Chinese unconventional medicine for thousands of years. Its beneficial effects have also been appreciated by the cosmetic industry. What effect does regular facial massage with a Gua Sha plate have on the skin?

Why should I use the Gua Sha plate?

The jade plate reduces facial swelling and improves blood circulation. It is a gadget with lifting and firming properties. Systematic massages with the jade plate improve firmness and elasticity of the skin and restore its healthy, youthful glow. This is not the end of the advantages – Gua Sha plate:

  • reduces the appearance of pores and wrinkles,
  • relieves facial muscle tension,
  • contours the cheekbones,
  • removes toxins from the body,
  • relaxes and unwinds.

It is worth adding that according to Chinese medicine jade:

  • relieves pain,
  • reduces inflammation,
  • eliminates negative energy and restores harmony to the body.

Face massage with jade plate – valuable tips

If you want to enjoy a better appearance of the skin, you should take care of regularity of massages – only then you will achieve satisfactory results. How often to perform this type of treatment? Specialists recommend daily face massage for about 10-15 minutes. Remember not to massage the face dry, but with the use of your favorite oil or serum

How to choose the perfect Gua Sha plate?

Many women wonder how to choose a jade tile that will meet their expectations and be comfortable to use. It is certainly worth paying attention to other people’s opinions and shopping at trusted sellers (due to the enormous popularity of the gadget on the market there are plenty of fakes, which are made of plastic deceptively similar to natural jade)

How much does a good quality Gua Sha plate cost?

Is Gua Sha tile a big expense? Manufacturers offer jade tiles at different prices – the cheapest can be bought for about 20-30 PLN and the most expensive even for 150 PLN. If we care about quality, it is worth choosing a beauty gadget from the middle price range (80-100 PLN).

Not only the Gua Sha plate – a few words about the roller

Fans of Asian skin care can buy not only the jade plate, but also a stone roller for the set, which is great for reducing swelling around the eyes and perfectly massages the neck. The jade roller is considered a more advanced device – it smoothes the skin, while the massage with the Gua Sha plate requires more force and resembles scratching.

We hope that our article will encourage you to invest in a jade plate and motivate you to massage your face regularly. The effects of daily treatments are sure to exceed your expectations!

Also, read what are the benefits of using a jade roller.

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