What summer shoes can you wear to work? See our picks

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The ideal shoes for work is a river topic on which everyone has his own theory. The model should be made of natural materials and, of course, must be comfortable and convenient. Even if our work largely involves spending time behind a desk, it is worth that our feet during several hours of work did not experience the torment. And what shoes will be a good choice for the summer? During hot weather, it is worth betting on airy models in which feet can breathe. In many companies, there is a specific etiquette and dress code, which requires employees to wear specific clothes and shoes. Discover a few models that can work as summer shoes for the office

If you work in a corporation or in an institution where you can not come to work with your toes uncovered then a great choice can be light moccasins, espadrilles or stilettos with open heels . However, many companies allow their employees to wear more casual styles and then you can successfully wear to work sandals, sneakers or even sneakers. Elegant flip-flops on platforms are also becoming more and more popular. It is important for the shoes to form a complete look with our clothes, thanks to which we will maintain a professional and consistent appearance. Check what shoes for summer you can find in popular chain stores and boutiques

Shoes which will be a perfect part of outfit for work

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