A sonic face brush – is it worth having in your makeup bag?

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New technologies are increasingly becoming part of our daily lives. This also applies to skin care and make-up. A hit of recent months is a sonic toothbrush, a device that cleanses the skin of your face wonderfully. The size of the toothbrush is certainly a great advantage as it can easily fit into any make-up bag, so you can take it with you on vacation or on a business trip. How does a sonic toothbrush work and what are its main functions? Let’s take a closer look at this gadget!

The Sonic Face Brush: The Secret to Perfectly Clean Skin

It’s good to know that a sonic face brush can clean your skin up to six times more thoroughly than traditional scrubs or cleansing gels. This is great news, especially for those struggling with imperfections. Dirt, blackheads and dead skin are no longer a problem when you have this kind of equipment at your disposal. The brush cleanses the face with the help of special vibrations and sound waves. For this purpose, the head can make up to 300 oscillating movements per second.

How to use a sonic face brush?

A sonic face brush is a device that works very simply and intuitively. To thoroughly cleanse your face, the first step is to remove makeup, for example, with a proven micellar cleanser and to gently moisten your skin. On a damp face we apply a cleansing product such as a gel adapted to our skin type or a scrub. An interesting preparation for cleansing will be natural oils. The next stage is to turn on the device, which we put to our face and make circular movements. A sonic brush for the face is worth using not more than 2-3 times a week. Daily facial cleansing can lead to irritation and redness. Each part of the face should be massaged for a specific number of seconds – in most devices, we can set a timer that will inform us when to move the brush to another zone. This type of device should only be lightly touched to the skin, as the movements of the toothbrush are most effective then.

Advantages of using a sonic face brush

Using a sonic face brush can bring really spectacular results if you use it regularly. Users have noticed smoother, more vibrant skin after only a few weeks. The huge advantage, of course, is that the face is cleansed, so there are no blackheads or pores on it. The complexion becomes radiant and looks rested. The reduction of the problem with pimples and imperfections is also a plus.

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