5 prints that never go out of fashion

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Prints, usually colorful patterns on clothing, are a fashion theme that likes to come back like a boomerang. Trends have changed over the years, but there are a few patterns that will never go out of fashion. Which ones? We suggest!

Fashion likes to come back. No wonder that we eagerly reach for bell-bottom pants, popular a dozen or so years ago, or cult jackets. Spring is a time of change. Ladies willingly choose colorful, flowery dresses, similar to those worn in the interwar period. Fashion is there to play with, but also to choose clothes with sensitivity, so as not to fall into the concept of pure kitsch.

5 prints that are still in vogue:

Flowers – vintage theme combined with a palette of juicy colors

Floral patterns have been around for years. They are a great choice when it comes to dresses, flowy blouses or headwear. Every year, floral prints appear on the clothing market. Spring 2022 will be dominated by retro florals – light, decorative, delicate flowers. Floral minimalism on clothes is associated with grace, taste and class itself. Especially popular will be maxi dresses (ankle-length), but also flared skirts up to the knee, with floral print. It is a must-have this spring.

Dots in a modern version

Who does not remember black dresses with white polka dots or white dresses with black polka dots? They were fashionable in almost every decade of the twentieth century and returned to fashionable grace also this spring. Let’s not forget that dots are both a classic in women’s and men’s fashion. In the spring/summer season this print will go towards asymmetry and irregularity. Dots will appear on men’s shirts, but also on women’s t-shirts, skirts, dresses and also on elegant fabric pants.

Pattern used in fabric decoration – paisley

Paisley is a popular print nowadays, which is often placed on various pieces of clothing, both for men and women. It probably appeared in Iran at the beginning of our era. The Middle Eastern motif was quickly loved by Europeans as well as Americans. It looks very well on overalls and ensembles, especially palazzo pants combined with an extended shirt. Paisley print also looks good on blouses with puff sleeves. You may also reach for a summer scarf with this motif. It is sure to look great with jeans and a plain, elegant shirt.

Animal prints

Animal motifs are a recurring fashion trend this season. They look particularly good on airy shirts, both for men and for women. Animal print shirts go well with glamorous outfits as well as casual outings with friends.

Stripes – a must have motif on your clothes this spring

Stripes, just like polka dots, like to come back to the top of fashion. This spring, vertical stripes will be more popular, especially on longer shirts. Such covering of the upper part of the body will be perfectly combined with classic jeans. You can wear elegant stilettos for this style, but also comfortable sneakers.

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