Exfoliating socks – are they worth using?

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Exfoliating socks are a popular way to take care of your foot skin, but are they really safe? Let’s find out what are the contraindications to using exfoliating socks and whether it is worth buying them.

Are exfoliating socks safe for your health?

Feet are the support of the whole body – the fact that the skin on the soles of your feet is thicker is a completely natural phenomenon. Without proper care the epidermis is too hard, dry and cracks, which not only does not look aesthetic, but can also cause pain. The solution to this problem are exfoliating socks – used in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, they can work wonders (restore softness and smoothness to your feet). Remember, however, not to treat these products as an alternative to traditional pumice stone. Due to the presence of fruit or organic acid, exfoliating socks should be used no more often than once a month

Exfoliating socks and contraindications

Who should not use highly exfoliating socks? Contraindications for the use of cosmetic socks are all abrasions, scratches, wounds and other skin injuries. These products also cannot be used by children, diabetics, and people with anemia and Reye’s syndrome. Exfoliating socks are prohibited for pregnant women (due to the presence of acids in the composition). Delicate, sensitive skin and allergy to any component of the product are also contraindicated.

What ingredients should a good exfoliating socks contain?

Desirable nutrients include:

  • lactic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid – they have an exfoliating effect and improve the condition of the skin,
  • urea – softens and makes skin more elastic, increases skin hydration, facilitates absorption of other ingredients,
  • camomile – has soothing, calming and antibacterial properties,
  • lemon extract – accelerates the healing of cuts and minor bruises,
  • papaya – facilitates exfoliation of dead skin cells, has a smoothing effect.

How much do exfoliating socks cost? Depending on the composition and manufacturer from 15 to about 70 PLN. These products can be purchased in any drugstore as well as in pharmacies.

Advantages of using exfoliating socks

Some people wonder why it is worth using exfoliating socks once in a while? Such products effectively eliminate dead skin, small corns and calluses. They allow to get rid of discomfort connected with unsightly appearance of feet and thickened skin in these parts of the body. After using socks and regular moisturizing, feet look beautiful and well-groomed.

Exfoliating socks – how to use them?

First you need to soak your feet and wipe them dry with a towel. Then put the socks with the liquid inside and leave them on your feet as recommended by the manufacturer (usually 60-120 minutes). After this time, just remove the socks and wash your feet thoroughly. The final effect will be visible after about 7-14 days after performing home peeling procedure (after about 3-5 days the skin on your feet begins to peel intensely, literally flakes off, which is intentional and natural process).

If we want to unveil our feet in summer without complexes, we should not only remember about exfoliation, but also take care of proper skin hydration. It is always worth to have at hand an ointment with vitamin A and urea – these ingredients are fantastic for regenerating severely dry and damaged skin.

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