How to create a New Year’s Eve makeup look that lasts all night?

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This special evening is fast approaching. Soon we will say goodbye to the old year during lavish parties and housewarmings. Do you know what make-up you should wear? Check what make-up should last all night long.

What make-up for New Year’s Eve?

If you usually wear a subtle make-up, and you would like to go a bit wild, there will be no better occasion than New Year’s Eve. On this special night you are definitely allowed a bit more! december 31st is the perfect time to reach for cosmetics like highlighter or glitter eye shadow. You may or may not want to wear heavy make-up on New Year’s Eve. The most important thing is that your makeup lasts longer on your face. How do you create make-up that lasts all night long? Check it out!

Opt for facial cleansing

Before you even start applying makeup, make sure your skin is cleansed and moisturized first and foremost. You should take care of it every day, especially a few weeks before the party. Proper cleansing and moisturizing is essential, without which permanent makeup will not work. Make sure that your face is moisturized and free of makeup residue right before you apply your makeup. The next step is to apply concealer and foundation.

Concealer and foundation hide imperfections

It’s a good idea to start your makeup application with a concealer, which will help cover any skin imperfections. Foundation should come next, spreading it evenly across your face. Apply it the way you like – with your fingers, a brush or a sponge. But to make your New Year’s Eve make-up last longer, do not overdo it. Too much of this cosmetic will make your makeup not stick well.

How to make your eyeshadows last?

When doing your New Year’s Eve makeup, you will definitely reach for eye shadows. Perhaps you’ll use glittering, shiny cosmetics in intense colors. Good, because on this special night you want to shine a bit! No matter what eyeshadows you choose, it is important to prolong their durability. The key to success here is the base, which should be powdered and then covered with a base nude shadow. Only then apply eye makeup on the prepared eyelid. This way it will last until the morning or even the next day, but of course we do not encourage it. Make-up should be washed off thoroughly before going to bed.

Go for fixative products

Even the most carefully applied makeup may not last if you forget this step. If you want your make-up to last all night long, you can’t do without fixing products. Such cosmetics are a great thing. We are talking about mattifying powder or illuminating powder, of course, but not only. Your make-up bag should also include a spray fixative, known as a fixer. It is used not only by professionals. Nowadays this type of cosmetics are available in every drugstore and online

Always carry these cosmetics with you

Remember that you will probably have to do without touch-ups during the party. No matter how good your makeup is, you need to have your lipstick with you because it will wash out when you drink and eat. You’ll also need a mattifying powder. We wish you a successful party!


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