Preppy look – learn the rules of style!

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Have you heard about the preppy style? American college campuses are overflowing with young women who create everyday styles in just such a climate! We suggest how to combine casualness and elegance, that is, to create an outfit perfect for the office or corporate work!

Preppy style and its history in a nutshell

The preppy style originated from inspiration taken from the 1930s. Preppy refers to the attire of American students from the association of elite universities in the United States. It used to be a simple uniform, but it has crept into the good graces of women over time and has become very popular as an everyday style. Preppy is an abbreviation of the English word ‘prepatory’, which means ‘preparatory’. It’s a reference to specialized courses that prepare for college admissions. The style is often used by world-renowned brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste and Tommy Hilfiger.

Basic principles of preppy

Preppy is very close to classic elegance, but also sports casual. When it comes to sports, however, it draws from elite sports such as golf, cricket, polo and tennis. The clothes chosen by designers who love to create styles in this climate are generally made of natural fabrics. Their quality should be very good indeed. The cuts of specific outfit elements are simple. Preppy is also characterized by a classic color scheme – the most popular colors are white, black, navy blue. The shortest definitions of a preppy look are “sporty elegance” and “classics in everyday wear”.

Men’s styles

Men’s preppy styling generally consists of jackets, chinos, polo shirts, sweaters and sleeveless jackets. The whole look is complemented by appropriately matched shoes: sneakers or moccasins.

Women’s styling

The women’s edition of the preppy style is based primarily on wool blazers, pleated skirts, romper sweaters and polo shirts. This is a style for women who love elegance and appreciate comfort. When it comes to women’s styling, knee-high socks and a briefcase are a common accessory to complete the look.

For whom will the preppy look be an excellent choice?

Anyone can dress in preppy style. The creations are extremely original. This is an ideal idea for unconventional outfits for the office or a business meeting. If you care about comfort, but do not want to give up elegance, then surely preppy will be an excellent choice for you!

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