How to match handbag with shoes? The criterion of the same shade is outdated…

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Black handbag equals black shoes? What if we have blue shoes? Are we looking for a blue handbag? Not at all! We suggest how to combine these two elements of styling. It’s easy!

Handbags and shoes – it won’t be an exaggeration if we say that these are two loves of women. Some love handbags more, others lean a bit towards shoes. Of course, we can’t be accused of having too many of them, even if they don’t fit in the closet. It’s a bit like with dessert – although we are full, we will always find a place for something sweet.

Moreover, it is worth noting that handbags and shoes are accessories that are a kind of icing on the styling cake. They can change every, even the simplest and basic look. Additionally, they add character and perfectly emphasize our personality. For example, a simple little black dress matched with sneakers and a stylish bag will look sporty and original, and when we add to it stiletto heels and a small bag, styling will gain a completely different elegant character.

In the past it was very popular to combine in one outfit handbag and shoes of the same color, or only different shade. To a black handbag we wore black shoes, to burgundy ones – burgundy, to beige ones – beige and so on.

Now this criterion is outdated (although it will still work during official and formal occasions, where a rigid dress code is in force) and completely different rules have been introduced.

There can be one color, but..

Many color combinations will still look great, like the mentioned black shoes and black handbag. However, here it’s worth to experiment a bit with its shape, texture or pattern. Trendy are baguettes, round or crescent-shaped bags. Additionally many models are made of leather with pattern imitating crocodile or snake skin. There are really many possibilities.

When it comes to color combinations, it is best to move around the same color palette. Cold shade of shoes means cold shade of handbag and warm shade means warm one

Handbag and shoes in the same… style

When matching these two elements to your outfit you should be careful not to overwhelm each other. Not always a big black shopper will go with light sandals and boho boots with fringes with metallic, elegant clutch bag.

The rule is that if we choose a handbag and shoes in a classic form, then they should differ in color. You should choose combinations, which go well with each other and do not ‘bite’. On the other hand, if we have a modern handbag of a geometrical shape, then shoes should be kept in a similar style.

Sneakers give us a lot of possibilities – they are fashionable, comfortable, white or colored. There are plenty of handbags to go with them, especially so called it bags, which are worn by influencers all over the world.

Pattern on bag = pattern on shoes?

Sometimes we want to go wild and we add a zebra or leopard print bag to our closet. Despite appearances such accessory does not have to be kitschy. However, we should remember not to combine it with shoes in the same pattern.

Leopard bag and leopard shoes is a combination in bad taste and it will be hard to defend it. The best solution is simply to choose shoes in a shade corresponding to one of the colors appearing on the handbag. This way, you will keep the integrity of the styling. For shoes in spots a smooth handbag in black or beige-brown color will work.

Material is also important – if you have a suede handbag, it is better to choose suede shoes. It is similar with glossy and mat models. These also look better in pairs

An interesting trick is also the story when one color appears both on the shoes and scrolls in the bag’s print

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