How to clean jewelry properly?

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Want your sparklers to still be in perfect condition? Well, sure. Check out how to properly clean your jewelry and enjoy its sparkle for all time.

Time for cleaning

We’ve been indoors a lot lately. The coronavirus pandemic has caused many of us to skip parties, and some have also switched to home office mode. Leaving the house was limited to the necessary minimum. For the past few months, the normalcy we were previously familiar with seems to be returning, hence the need to get organized and tidy up

We clean out our closets, organize our cosmetics, but it’s worth remembering one more place. Yes, yes, the jewelry box presents quite a challenge! You know very well that you will surely find some tangled chains and sparklers that need cleaning. You can ask a professional for help or just learn easy ways to make everything shine again. Check out our quick guide!

Soak your jewelry in dishwashing liquid

This is something that every one of us has at home. Dishwashing liquid is always sitting in the kitchen, and it can help you embrace your jewelry that has tarnished. Pour warm (not hot!) water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid into a bowl. This is really enough to get most gold and silver jewelry clean. It’s important to soak the jewelry for about five minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Later, place it on a microfiber cloth to dry. This way is very simple, but also effective.

If there is still some dirt left on the jewelry, a good way to clean it is to scrub it with a children’s toothbrush. It is important that the toothbrush is new, without any possible paste residue.

Jewelry should be dry

If you have silver and brass jewelry, make sure it is polished dry. Before you put it away in a box with other sparklers, check it. With these materials, any extra moisture will cause faster deterioration. So the wisest thing to do is prevention.

Avoid baking soda

I’m sure you’ve come across advice somewhere to reach for baking soda or vinegar to clean your jewelry. However, there are experts who strongly warn against this. These remedies can damage some metals and stones placed in jewelry. If you don’t want to scratch your jewelry, rather not rely on such cleaning methods.

Beware of delicate materials

It is advisable to be gentle with jewelry. Be especially careful with opals, pearls, turquoise or coral, as well as natural materials such as wood. These are moisture-sensitive items, so immersing them in water is a bad idea. However, you can soak a microfiber cloth in water with dishwashing liquid and gently wipe the soiled jewelry. This is a much safer way

Professional help is sometimes useful

There are instances when it’s better to simply enlist the help of a professional. If you want to clean your jewelry family heirlooms, we do not necessarily recommend playing with polishing on your own. Only a professional jeweler will be able to reliably assess how your grandmother’s precious engagement ring should be cleaned!

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