5 best curling irons – editors’ ranking

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Curls are a very fashionable hairstyle today. In curly hair you can go on a date, wedding or other celebration. You can also impress with beautiful waves on a daily basis! Thinking about buying a curling iron? We present our editorial ranking!

Editorial ranking of curling irons available on the market

1. Philips SenseIQ BHB886/00

The automatic curling iron with ionization for long hair from Philips is our favorite among all the products currently available on the market. This model automatically pulls and styles hair. After using this device, we can enjoy spectacular styling. The curling iron creates shiny and lush curls. It does not damage the hair, does not tug at it and does not pull it out. The only downside of the device is its high price. The model costs several hundred zlotys. 


The second place in our list went to the Babyliss Pro Curling Iron curling iron. The price of the device is not exorbitant. The manufacturer argues that it is a model that is friendly to our hair. The maximum working temperature of the curling iron is 200 degrees. The ionization function prevents hair from becoming electrified. With the device we can easily style our hair in a professional way. They will look like after a visit to the salon!

3. ROWENTA Premium Care CF3810

Rowenta CF3810 curling iron is a really good device. The constant steam output guarantees a high level of hair moisturization. We can independently adjust the temperature of the curling iron. This is an unquestionable advantage, because this will give us a satisfactory effect. The price of the curling iron is affordable. It is worth choosing this product to enjoy a perfect hairstyle.

4. GÖTZE & JENSEN Diamond DHC700 curling iron

This company’s curling iron has up to three levels of temperature control. The roller with a diameter of 25 mm is covered with a ceramic coating. Helpful is the LCD display, which allows us to control the temperature. The curling iron is equipped with a traditional flip for easy winding of hair. It is a mid-priced product. It does not damage the hair. It is comfortable and safe.


GAMA NANO TURMALINE CURLING is a device that is equipped with a ceramic-tourmaline curling roller. The roller effectively protects the hair from the harmful effects of high temperatures. This model is especially recommended if you want to achieve the effect of subtle curls. The Nano Turmaline range creates beautiful waves. It is equipped with an ionizing system. So our hair will certainly not become unsightly electric after using it. The advantage of this device is its low price. Attention to this product should pay women who want to achieve the effect of gentle waves.

In addition to the models listed in the ranking, you should also consider buying: BABYLISS C449E, BaByliss Curl Secret C1600E and Remington Rose Luxe CI9525. The devices are not presented in detail in our ranking, but are certainly worthy of consideration. When buying the curling iron of your dreams, let’s tailor the choice to the effects you want to achieve with it. 

main photo: Akyurt

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