The 4 best epilators – editors’ ranking

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More and more women are choosing to shave their legs with an epilator. This device guarantees us flawlessly smooth legs for a longer time than other depilation methods. Let’s take a look at the epilators on the market today and together choose the best one!

What to pay attention to when choosing the right epilator?

An epilator to an epilator is unequal. Seemingly even minor technical parameters can affect the quality of use of the device.

In an epilator, the number of tweezers is extremely important. Ideally, if there are 40 or 60 of them, then epilation will be more accurate.

If you are interested in using an epilator with discs, also pay attention to their number. A model that will provide high-end epilation should have more than 32 disks. Then, after use, you will be able to enjoy smooth legs even with dense hair.

The comfort of the epilation itself is also important in an epilator. Additional features, such as a movable head, backlighting, water resistance or non-slip coating, make epilation more accurate and enjoyable, in almost any conditions. When buying a device, therefore, it is worth paying attention to them.

Some features are not essential, although they significantly affect the comfort of use. These include, for example, additional attachments, thanks to which we can avoid irritation when epilating particularly sensitive areas.

The best epilators for home use – ranking

We present epilators whose features will ensure comfortable epilation.

1. Philips Satinelle Essential BRE225/00

A device that perfectly combines quality and low price. The epilator is equipped with 32 tweezers, which remove hair as small as 0.5 mm in length. The small size makes the equipment fit perfectly in the hand. The speed of its operation can be adjusted depending on your sensitivity. The epilator is mains-powered, and the built-in light allows you to see even the smallest hairs.

2. Braun SE5-541

Another budget proposition, this time from Braun. The epilator has built-in 28 tweezers, which provide gentle epilation for those who are particularly sensitive to pain. A special built-in massage system helps prepare the skin for epilation. The device is waterproof and includes an adjustable work system. When buying an epilator, you get a trimmer attachment included.

3. Panasonic ES-ED53-W503

For precise epilation in this device is responsible for 48 tweezers, which are located on two disks. The head rotates at an angle of 60°, thus perfectly adapting to the body. The device is cordless, fully charged it works for 30 minutes. It can be used for both dry and wet epilation. When you buy it, you get several attachments in the set: a basic one for arms and legs, one for underarm and bikini epilation, one for quick epilation, and a protective cap and cleaning brush.

4. Panasonic ES-EL3A-N503

One of the more effective epilators available on the market today. Equipped with a wide, moving head with as many as 60 tweezers. It rotates 90%, making epilation fast as well as effective. Thanks to two discs, no – even the smallest – hair will be missed. The epilator is waterproof, so we can successfully use it even while bathing. The rechargeable battery, which powers the device, charges in just one hour. Working with the epilator is also facilitated by LED backlighting and an additional attachment for sensitive areas.

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