4 accessories to help you take the perfect selfie

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Taking a selfie has already become a habit. Many people can’t imagine a day without a picture they post on their social media profile

However, taking a great photo of yourself requires the right skills. It is not only about the right setting, but also the perfect light. Fortunately, there is no shortage of gadgets on the market that make things much easier. Here are the accessories that will help you take the perfect selfie!

How do I take the perfect selfie?

You do not need much to take a great selfie. However, interesting gadgets can make it easier. Remember, though, that practice is very important. The more photos you take of yourself, the better they will look. We present gadgets for selfie which will change your photos!

1. Selfie lights

One of the accessories that every selfie fan should have is a selfie lamp. You can attach it either on the back of your phone, on a special holder, or on a separate tripod. The lamp will illuminate your face and highlight every detail perfectly. It is often used by make-up artists to capture even the smallest part of your make-up. It is also great for everyday use and every photo will definitely look better thanks to proper lighting

It is worth mentioning that professional lamps are often used by photographers during photo shoots and their smaller versions will be useful while taking photos at home.

2. Reliable selfie stick

An excellent device that will certainly improve the comfort of taking pictures of yourself is a selfie stick. This nifty stick allows you to take photos even in a group. There is no need to set a self-timer, because at the end of the selfie stick there is a button that activates the camera. The phone itself is placed in a special adjustable holder that has a cable. Once you connect it to your smartphone, you can take really nice pictures without much effort. It also works well if you are traveling alone and want to capture yourself and the sights or views in photos.

3. Tripod for your phone

If you make money with your profile on Instagram, TikTok or Facebook, it’s worth getting a phone tripod. It will allow you to record a video without using your hands, as well as take interesting photos. You can take pictures from far away as well as close up. This gadget will certainly also be perfect for trips with friends when you want to capture the whole group in one photograph.

4. Table Phone Holder

The table mount with self-timer allows you to conveniently place your phone on a table or countertop and take interesting photos. It works mainly when you don’t have a place to set up a tripod. In addition, thanks to it you can make cool close-ups. The grip is hands-free, but there is also a convenient handle that allows you to take photos at your convenience.

Any of these items will definitely make taking photos easier. They will be prettier, more interesting, as well as more precise and better illuminated.

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