Do you know what types of necklines there are?

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Surely, every woman has her favorite type of neckline that suits her figure. However, not everyone realizes how rich the offer in this area is. Blouses, dresses and T-shirts can have a whole range of necklines. So let’s get to know them all!

Why is choosing the right neckline so important?

When it comes to dressing and choosing the right clothes for our figure, there are several things to consider. The figure is not only hips, but also bust and waist. It is also worth paying attention to the shoulders. All these aspects when properly exposed or hidden create a dream image of our body. That is why women with ample breasts should wear slightly different necklines than those with small breasts.

What types of necklines are there?

The purpose of each type of neckline is to show off the figure’s assets, as well as to hide the parts we do not like. Here is the whole spectrum of necklines!

Cheeky necklines

This type of neckline is meant to beautifully expose both small and large breasts. It is perfect for figure types that need to slim down. The deeper the neckline, the slimmer the upper body looks.


This type of neckline perfectly emphasises slender shoulders and a nice shape of breasts. Elizabeth Taylor loved this type of neckline and you can often see it on her. The karo neckline is an inappropriate option for women with strong, broad shoulders.

Round neckline

This is one of the most popular necklines on the market, usually traditional basic T-shirts have it. It is a good option for women with short necks and small breasts. Thanks to it, the space between the chin and the collarbones will be clearly elongated. On the other hand, for ladies with large breasts it will not be a good cut.

Concealed neckline

This model is designed for women with a long neck and narrow shoulders and slender figure. In case of people with other types of figures, it will make the whole look extremely unfavorable and massive. Not recommended for big busted women.

Boat neckline

Blouses and dresses with this type of neckline optically broaden the shoulders, and shorten the upper parts of the body. Therefore, they are ideal for tall and slim women. It is often used in very elegant stylizations, for business outings. It is characterized by modesty.

Spanish neckline

This type of neckline is very feminine. It will be great for women with a narrow waist, wider hips and prominent bust. It is often used during grand events. It is worth remembering that bra straps must not stick out to make it look good.

American neckline

This cut is definitely for brave women. Its shape resembles the letter “V” and it is exceptionally deep. It is perfect for people with medium breasts. It slenderizes the silhouette perfectly.

Envelope neckline

This type of neckline slims the silhouette. Great for women with both small and large breasts. The envelope neckline helps to achieve an hourglass silhouette type.

Heart neckline

The heart neckline is usually used in evening dresses as well as wedding dresses. To wear it, you need to have a perfect shoulder line, they will end up being heavily exposed. It is a great type for ladies with not too big bust and short neck.

Water neckline

This type of neckline is often overlooked. How to recognize it? If there is a fabric gathering at the neckline, which creates light waves, it is definitely a water neckline. It is recommended for women with a very slim figure and small bust.

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