7 beauty trends you’ll want to try immediately

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Autumn heralds not only new fashion trends, but also novelties in the beauty industry. If you want to stay up-to-date with skin care and make-up, it is worth finding out about the latest cosmetic hits.

It will be a mix of naturalness with very strong accents on the eyes and lips. In skin care we still bet on a holistic approach inspired by Chinese medicine. Check which products are worth stocking your makeup bag with this autumn!

Cold evenings are the perfect time to arrange a home spa. Our skin and hair will certainly appreciate a bit of regeneration after the busy summer season. All make-up trends point to the fact that this autumn we will have the opportunity to go wild. Coloured eyeliner, the cat eye, and strong lip make-up are just some of the trends you should try on your face. Here are some other beauty highlights to make you feel feminine!

7 beauty trends for fall 2021 you should know

The cat eye

This season, we are not going to miss a few returns to make-up classics like the cat eye. This is a phenomenal way to give depth and definition to your eyes. This type of make-up looks great with both elegant and casual hairstyles

Coloured Eyeliner

Where do you look for make-up inspiration? Lately you can find them on Tik Tok, where lots of girls present their work. Colored eyeliner is a hit there, adding a bit of avant-garde flair to your style. Don’t be afraid to swap black eyeliner for products in orange, purple or green.

Hair Care

For the past few seasons, the trend has been for an increased emphasis on hair care. Most of us are able to assess the porosity of our hair and are therefore better able to choose the right cosmetics. This fall, we will also be oiling our hair and applying homemade rinses and masks

Skin care

To achieve radiant skin, it is not enough to use glowing products. We start with skin care. The most important points are diligent cleansing, makeup removal and taking care of deep moisturizing. Thanks to these habits, we will not need many cosmetics to look great.

Red Lips

Lips highlighted with red lipstick are a great way to complete an elegant outfit. This season it is worth experimenting with colors and applying shades of red, wine, maroon or deep burgundy on the lips. To make your lips look perfect it is recommended to line them with a flesh-coloured lipliner first.

Natural Eyebrows

Almost every season the fashion for the shape and appearance of eyebrows changes and evolves. This autumn you should opt for a natural effect instead of perfection. Want to look stylish? Brush your eyebrows carefully with a brush and then shape them with a special soap or gel.

Grooming Gadgets

The popularity of all kinds of grooming accessories, which we can use at home, is growing. The fear of beauty salons closing down has caused many girls to take matters into their own hands. The norm in the bathrooms of caring women are becoming face rollers, special washers, massagers or mechanical scrubs.

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