What is the best way to wear low heel shoes with?

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As every woman knows, the figure looks better in high-heeled shoes, but a whole day in stilettos is a real nightmare. Low-heeled shoes are cute, elegant and very comfortable, but they don’t look good with every combination. See what’s best to wear them with.

Many women associate stiletto or low-heeled shoes with old ladies. Yes, this type of heel is most often chosen by elegant ladies in their sixties, but that doesn’t mean a young girl can’t look good in them. The devil is in the details, so with the right outfit and accessories such shoes will not only be comfortable, but also very stylish!

Mini skirt or dress

Shoes with low heels, especially if they have a strap around the ankle, may make legs look shorter or even thicker. Unfortunately this effect is intensified by the wrong length of skirt or dress. The worst possible outfit for low boots is a skirt that’s too long for the knee or up to mid-calf. This is an easy way to make your legs resemble those of a duck, not a model. Unfortunately, a short and wide heel doesn’t elongate your legs like a stiletto does, so the visual effect can be tragic. To go with low heels or stiletto heels, a mini length is the perfect match, as it exposes your legs and minimizes the shortening effect, making you look phenomenal without sacrificing comfort.

Long pants

For long, tight pants, for example jeans, wearing low-heeled shoes will look good. However, they must be tapered, tube-type. Unfortunately, pants that are too wide again may thicken and shorten legs visually. When styling shoes with a post, the key to success is to expose your legs as much as possible. Fitted pants that hug shapely calves and thighs will distract from the shortening effect of a low heel and make “old lady” shoes look great in a modern and trendy outfit. Caprice shoes are high quality shoes that you can buy in a wide range of models, colors and sizes. You will also find a wide range of extremely fashionable this season and, above all, comfortable low-heeled shoes

Vintage styling

If you love vintage style and atmosphere of the seventies and eighties, forget about the two previous tips. Shoes with a wide tip and low heel, so-called “duckies”, will create a great retro styling, combined with bell-bottoms or pencil skirt midi and colorful shirt with extravagant patterns. Several decades ago the biggest Polish music stars, such as Anna Jantar, Maryla Rodowicz and her onstage rival Urszula Sipińska dressed like this. Match this outfit with a small handbag on a short strap and a large belt with a decorative buckle. Tie a flowery scarf in your hair and you are sure to stand out from the crowd. It’s also the perfect look for a retro party and with such comfortable shoes, you can easily dance the night away to Abba’s hits

Low heel shoes are a comfortable way to look smart and neat on a daily basis. You don’t have to sacrifice your comfort at all for wearing heeled shoes. Properly styled low stiletto shoes will not only be kind to tired feet, but also beneficial to your figure. Depending on what style you prefer, choose more contemporary or vintage accessories and clothes and create unique outfits with low heel shoes in the lead role

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