Carrie Bradshaw is the heroine of the cult TV series “Sex in the City.” She was an all-famous style icon who inspired millions of women. It turns out that many of her styles from 20 years ago could boldly be worn today too! In this article you will find out what styles are still fashionable!

Sweater short dress

The first styling we will describe is a very classic, but timeless proposal. In one of the shots of “Sex in the City” Carrie is wearing a short dress in caramel color. It is made of a sweater-like material with an embossed pattern. For this, the woman is wearing a long gold necklace with a large round pendant. It perfectly complements the styling and stands out from the background. Carrie holds an envelope handbag under her arm, which completes the look. We are sure that more than one of you would opt for such styling for work or an event.

Striped dress and hat

The next proposal is an absolute hit. We present Carrie Bradshaw’s styling, which is based on a beautiful dress with green and white stripes. It has a midi length, and the stripes are arranged in two ways: vertically on top, and horizontally from the cut-off under the breasts. The dress has short sleeves and looks very modest and feminine. For this creation, a purple handbag was selected, which perfectly stands out and enlivens the styling. In addition, the woman has white lace gloves and a beige hat. 

Tulle dress in the leading role

The styling we want to describe is unique. It is based on a tulle dress in a faded mint color. For the past few seasons, such dresses could be found in most chain stores, which means that they continue to be fashionable! The length of the mini and the matching gold shiny jacket looked great. The styling was completed with delicate stiletto sandals and a fur coat worn on the hands. Carrie looked stunning in this creation.

Delicate floral dress

Which of us does not have a floral dress in her closet? Everyone does! This piece of clothing is perfect for many occasions. Depending on how it is styled, it will be suitable for a party, for work or for shopping with a friend. In the series we can see Carrie Bradshaw in a delicate, floral Spanish-style dress. It is knee-length and decorated with voluminous ruffles. The woman matched it with a pink handbag and elegant open-toed heeled shoes. 

Classic mini

If you like mini length dresses, then this styling by Carrie would appeal to you! She wore a simple, fitted mini in a blue color. She accessorized it with open-toe summer shoes and a large purse with a postbag. The whole look was completed with beautiful sunglasses and a delicate necklace. 

main photo: McHaffie

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