The fashion market is changing a lot. Every now and then things that were passé become the most stylish, and no fashion influencer or blogger can do without them. The same is true of shirts with a large collar. Since it’s new on the market, it’s worth learning how to style this closet item. Here’s how to match this micro-trend to different occasions.

XXL collar

Recently, shirts whose main decoration is a wide collar are coming back into favor. No wonder, they look great both for everyday wear and for festive outfits starring an oversized blazer. Something feels that this item of clothing will stay with us for a long time, especially if it is made of good quality fabrics. Interestingly, proposals with an XXL collar can be found not only in chain stores or lumpx stores, but also in brands that are popular with everyone, we are talking about Chloe, Hermes and Chanel. They delight mainly because of their eclectic look and interesting expression.

Shirt with a large collar – how to style it?

On its own, the shirt can look really stunning, but only with matching accessories does it form a cohesive whole. What goes well with this item of clothing? Certainly, shirts like this pair wonderfully with jeans. This makes it slightly rustic, but also modern. Choose mom-style versions or classic bells, preferably with a high waist. The shirt tucked into the pants will allow you to set the proportions of your silhouette, lengthen your legs and slenderize your waist, and on top of that, make you look absolutely crazy! You can match the set with both sporty sneakers and cowboy boots, or even elegant ballerinas on a slight rise. In our opinion, the set looks very good with sandals on platforms.

Of course, it doesn’t end there. XXL collar shirt goes perfectly with airy fabric pants in toffee shades. It is worth matching with pearl accessories, which will perfectly emphasize the sophisticated look and cut.On the other hand, if you want a more elegant style, bet on a corduroy jacket in a shade of deep chocolate, as well as classic cigarillos, a cream shirt with a brown ornament at the end of the collar and dark, small glasses in the style of the 20s. 

If you have a longer version of the shirt with an XXL collar, you can match it with a very fashionable pair of knee-length boots, which in such a combination will create a very interesting combination of modernity and classic at its best. Add to it a small handbag, delicate white sneakers and you can head out for shopping or a meeting with friends! Of course, like any shirt, and this model looks good in combination with skirts. What types to choose? Preferably in versions just before the knee or midi. Slightly flared, pleated proposals in the shape of the letter “A” will beautifully emphasize your natural beauty, and also create a unique outfit with the shirt. For us, this is a hit and we will definitely invest in such a shirt cut!

main photo: laminto

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