Chamomile is an herb that is widely known and used in various fields. An infusion of chamomile can be great for restful sleep and beneficial to the digestive system. In addition to its soothing properties, it also has many benefits that can be useful in our care. This flower was already known in ancient times, where its effects were also used. The characteristic feature of chamomile is certainly its delicate fragrance. It is an herb often used in products for children. Using chamomile has many beauty benefits as well. Check out how to use it in your daily beauty rituals!

Chamomile flowers are products often used in the production of cosmetics, especially those based on natural ingredients. Their extract is used to soothe irritations, brighten skin or hair, and regenerate the body e.g. in the form of baths with chamomile oil. We suggest how to use this wonderful product in your home spa e.g. by adding it to cosmetics or applying directly to the skin. This is a great way to incorporate more natural and herbal elements into your skincare routine

3 proven methods for using chamomile in skin care


A chamomile infusion can be used as a hair rinse for blonde hair. Thanks to such a treatment, the hair gets a sunny color and has more shine. The advantage of chamomile-based rinses is also the fact that the hair strands are soft and easier to comb. It is enough to brew a liter of water with two bags of chamomile, then let the infusion cool down. Then wash your hair according to the normal procedure, that is, apply shampoo, which you rinse abundantly with water. Finally, we pour the chamomile rinse over our hair and scalp


Another idea for using chamomile in your daily skincare routine is to make a natural scrub. You can make this homemade cosmetic using brown sugar (half a glass), 2 tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers, 1 tablespoon of dried nettle (nettle tea can also be used), a tablespoon of olive oil and a dash of honey. All the ingredients combine and put into a glass jar. We apply such a scrub on the body 2-3 times a week, thanks to which the skin is perfectly cleaned. Such a mixture is also a delight for the senses, because it smells insanely


The last idea to use chamomile is to make a homemade facial tonic. Toning is a very important part of skincare that cannot be skipped. The first step is to make a chamomile infusion, which must cool down. Then we can wash our face with it. It is an excellent way to soothe irritation, for example caused by makeup removal.

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