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Shoes that are well cared for can serve us for a long time. However, in order to do so, you need to use appropriate accessories. We suggest what to use for regular shoe care and which accessories will come in handy in case of possible shoe repair. Some of them may also be a decorative element of your shoes.

Shoe inserts

In addition to the fact that insoles can be found in different sizes, they can have different uses. There are special summer insoles available in stores that are perfect for summer shoes due to their lightness and thinness. You can also use insoles, which are designed for work shoes. They provide greater comfort, for example, to people who work standing up. Thermal insoles, on the other hand, insulate against the cold and retain heat in the shoes.

Different materials of shoe insoles are also available. The most common are:

– felt insoles – thanks to being made of soft felt, they guarantee walking comfort and are perfect as insoles for winter shoes

– leather insoles – natural leather absorbs moisture and does not cause irritation

– latex insoles – may be enriched in the antibacterial system, which protects against germs and thus provides a longer sense of freshness

– carbon insoles – active carbon neutralizes the smell of sweat.

Shoe lasts

This is one of the basic elements of shoe care. If your shoes are not used, it is worth storing them in shoes lasts. This applies especially to leather shoes. This way, the leather keeps its natural shape and does not get damaged. Manufacturers offer shoe trees made of various materials. They can be wooden, for example. They are best for high quality shoes. They guarantee the good condition of the shoes for a long time. They can be made of either sanded wood or raw and varnished wood. Cedar or plastic shoe lasts are also available.

On the other hand, if a new pair of shoes is uncomfortable to wear or has an uncomfortable fit, it is advisable to adjust the upper with the use of a special shoe tree. These are shoe lasts, most often used by shoemakers. It is worth to use them in order to take care of your shoes.

Shoe spoon

It is considered a relic, but it is another element allowing to take care of shoes. Thanks to shoe spoons, we can easily put on our shoes, while being sure that no creases will appear on them. This is an accessory that is especially useful for leather shoes.

A shoe spoon can be long or short, both have their advantages. Short spoons are handy, so you can take them even when traveling. In turn, the long one is very elegant. Often such models are made of noble materials, they can also be decorated. What’s important, to put on shoes with a long spoon you don’t have to bend down, thus saving your spine.


It would seem that it is one of the least important details of shoes, which is treated only as a functional element. However, changing your shoelaces can be the easiest way to give your shoes a unique character. Manufacturers offer different designs of shoelaces, which differ in size, color or shape, and even in the material they are made of. That is why it is so easy to match them to individual preferences.

It is worth betting on laces, which will emphasize the character of the footwear. You can also decide on the more original – glowing in the dark, shiny or golden. The choice is so wide that everyone is sure to find laces perfect for themselves.

Main photo: Meg Kannan/unsplash.com

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