Is it possible to get a better job by playing computer games? Some people say that. How much truth is there in them, and what kind of employment might they apply to?

Is it possible that playing video games will give you a chance to find a better job? At first it may seem impossible. However, it turns out that in the world of modern technology it can be true. According to a study by ManpowerGroup, game enthusiasts of all kinds, without even knowing it, have mastered skills that can come in handy in many businesses

Games are often based on cooperation

Thanks to computer games, it is possible to acquire cooperation or teamwork skills (if we play with one or several people). Often, your chances of completing a round depend on how you help each other and how you communicate. Even in those productions, where we face the challenges alone, we can often count on the help of other players – their comments, advice, etc. And the ability to work in a team is now a very desirable feature, which is often required by employers

Quick decision making

In games there is often not much time to make decisions. You need to act quickly, only then you will manage to jump to the next level. It turns out that players often find themselves in situations where they have to make a quick decision on what action to take, how to behave, etc. It’s also easier for them to control the situation. It is also easier for them to control stress, they do not panic and can often behave rationally despite the emotions

What games are most “useful” according to employers?

According to the ManpowerGroup survey, we can actually learn something from each game. Only some skills are more desired by employers, others less. The former can be acquired by playing productions such as: “FIFA”, “Mario Cart”, “Call of Duty” or all kinds of team games. These improve social skills, teach critical thinking, quick decision making, and cooperation. Such skills will prove useful when working, for example, in the health service (where there is often no time for longer thinking) or in customer service (where you need to analyze different options, be able to choose and present the best one).

On the other hand, strategy games, where you have to ask questions, give answers, such as “StarCraft”, “Words with Friends” or “Civilization” develop creativity in the player, improve social perception and teach logical thinking and problem solving. And this will prove useful, for example, in occupations where quality control is exercised, in production or construction

And what games are helpful in acquiring such skills as communication or solving problems in various situations? According to the research, adventure and action games, such as “Monster Hunter”, “Pokémon” or “World of Warcraft” can be helpful here. They should be played by people in administrative positions, assistants, financial analysts and people dealing with customer service.

So it turns out that hobbies in the form of games are worth putting on your resume. Currently recruiters look at them quite differently, because they are aware of the benefits that this form of entertainment brings. Therefore, there is no doubt that the skills acquired while playing can help you find your dream job.

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