Watercolor tattoos are the latest trend in body art that more and more people are opting for. These types of tattoos are more subtle and look like a painting on canvas. They are great as a minimalist tattoo for a woman or as another decoration on the body of a person who loves to express themselves in this way. Watercolor tattoos are usually made with beautiful colors that together form a small work of art. Tattoo art is a very innovative field that brings new changes and interesting trends every year. Check out the pros and cons of tattoos that resemble watercolor paintings

What is the technique of making watercolor tattoos?

Watercolor tattoos or watercolor tattoos can decorate body in really amazing and original way. Initially simple tattoos made with colored ink were a phenomenon, today the technique is so modern that tattooing equipment can do real wonders on the body. Watercolor tattoos are characterized by the fact that their outline is not marked with black frames as is the case with traditional colored tattoos. The tattoo artist must properly shade the created image on the body so that the colors are smooth and more subtle. This kind of work may be more demanding, but it gives a lot of scope for the created tattoo to be something original and very artistic. In this type of tattoo you can often notice the effect of blurring, color transitions or effective spots. In the end the tattoo looks like it was painted with a brush. It is worth knowing that watercolor tattoo is currently one of the most expensive tattoo techniques, its price oscillates around 1000 PLN, of course it depends on the size of the project

Are you dreaming of a watercolor tattoo? Discover some interesting inspirations

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Main Photo: Edward Berthelot/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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